Top ten famous tea identify true and false

1, the west lake longjing tea produced in zhejiang hangzhou lake, tea for the sector, tender, bar, width is consistent, as the lime, feel is smooth, or 2 leaf bud leaf; Longer than leaves, usually below 3 cm long, bud leaves evenly into one, with no clip, debris, small and exquisite, longjing tea taste fragrance, fake longjing tea is pure grass flavor, more clip’s more, feel is not smooth.
2, “biluochun” BiLuo produce in wuxian, jiangsu taihu lake dongting mountain peaks. Silver bud, bud leaf, the total length of 1.5 cm, tea tooth to pekoe curvy, leaves for curling green, young leaves, and even bright. False for one bud two leaves, shoots, leaf length is not neat, yellow.

3, xinyang maojian tea produced in xinyang, henan CheYunShan. Its tight and thin appearance, round, smooth, straight, black, generally one bud leaf or one bud two leaves, false for the curvy, yellow leaf.

4, junshan island silver needle from hunan yueyang junshan island. Made, unexpanded fat NenYaTou shoot straight, YunJi head strong, full of fuzz, light golden in color, aroma, freshness, tawny grayish yellow, sweet taste, brew looks directions-moving rushed to the water, dangling erect, then slowly sink bottom, like group unearthed bamboo shoot, and like a silver knife stand upright. After false needles smell of grass, bubble silver needle cannot erect.

5, luan GuaPian produced in two counties of anhui luan and Jin Zhai qiyun moutain. Its appearance is flat, each piece with no bud and stalk, leaf is green, smooth, slightly upward overlap, shaped like a melon seeds, endoplasm aroma gao, color green, taste sweet, the back and thick leaves bright. False, taste is bitter, the color is yellow.

6 rapidly, huangshan maofeng tea produced in anhui and huangshan mountain. Fat and slightly curly, its appearance tender bud YunJi, feng milli, shape a bit like “sparrow tongue”, the leaves are golden; Pale green oil color, aroma, freshness, color, apricot yellow, clear and bright, taste mellow and the sweet, bud lobe flower leaves, and a thick bright. Fake tea assumes the yellow, bitter taste, and no one leaves.

7, qiinen black tea produced in the qimen county of anhui province. For palm red tea color, cut into 0.6 0.8 cm, taste thick, strong and, fresh. Fake tea generally contain artificial colors, taste bitter, light, the leaf shape.

8, DouYun maojian tea produced in guizhou DouYun county. Green tea YunJi, little short and thin, a bud early leaf, shaped like a sparrow tongue, 2-2.5 cm long, tight and thin appearance, curly, on show. Pale green YunJi leaves. False bottom unevenness of tea, bitter taste.

9, anxi tieguanyin produced in fujian. Leaf heavy as iron body, form beauty such as guanyin, spiral, colour and lustre arenaceous green, smooth, and has a natural orchid sweet, tang clear golden yellow, taste sweet, mellow entrance slightly bitter, immediately turned sweet, resistant to brew, foliaceous, green red, thick and bright, each tea with tea, fake tea form long and thin, with thicker cords, no green red edge, leaf bubble then does not have fragrance after three times.

10, wuyi rock tea produced in fujian anxian county. Appearance of fatness, tight knot, even, with twisted bar, commonly known as “dragonfly head”, back up the frog skin sand, commonly known as toad back, taste mellow back to suffer, lubrication and refreshing, tang, orange, yellow, gorgeous, clear and bright leaves, edge or scarlet red dot, central mesophyll yellowish green, veins light yellow, resistance to bubble over 6-8 times, false tea to taste light, owe flavor, color is dark.

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