The trick is to herbal tea brewing

Herbal tea brewing tips: brewing herbal tea actually not complex, and brewing black tea, Chinese tea has many common principles. Basically should grasp the following key, at home can also complete a pot of herbal tea is delicious and good body.

The trick is to herbal tea brewing?
The trick is to herbal tea brewing?

The raw material quality and the dosage of brewing herbal tea

Want to soak out the delicious herbal tea, prerequisite is to choose the best quality raw materials, you can refer to the “save” the choose and buy of herbal tea and advice in an article. As to the amount of raw materials, have to weigh on the features of various kinds of herbs. In principle a good class of herbs can put some less, if it is using fresh herbs, its weight is dry raw materials two to three times.

Brewing herbal tea water

Water quality and water temperature are important factors induce the fragrance of flowers and plants is dark brown. Make tea with water from clean mountain spring, live well or a stream is best, if not available, also can choose pure mineral water, then boil water, brew of water temperature at 95 degrees, so the tea orange bright color is, taste is preferred. As to the amount of water, if for the most commonly used glass pot of tea, a pot of 5 oocc.

Brewing herbal tea way of making tea

Many kinds of herbal tea pot available bubble method can also be used pot cooking method, usually a multiple before. Flower, leaf raw material because it is more easily release containing ingredients such as pot bubble method. If raw material is tough parts such as fruit, bark, roots, stems, in the pot to boil method can compare extraction essence (especially for efficacy for the purpose).

Boil tea pot is stainless steel, glass or ceramic material are available, iron or aluminum may cause chemical changes, is not suitable for use. To boil the water first and then into the raw materials, continue to turn a small fire boil herbs to sooth, tea soup color and taste are released, can be shut down. If it is a pot of bubble method, before brewing with hot pot of hot water temperature cup, add boiling water when without temperature difference is too big, it affect the tea. In the process of boiled tea and stewing bubble, POTS and kettles must be sealed airtight, lest herbs in the volatile oil with the steam to escape.

Herbal tea stewing time

Each a herbal tea is the most suitable regent soak time, depending on the characteristics of flowers and plants and taking part, good master, ability makes the essence of herbs (including color, flavor and pharmacological function) of perfection. Generally easy to release the flavor of the flower, leaf, soak 5 ~ 15 minutes; As for the tenacity of the fruit, bark, root, etc need to soak for 15 minutes. Due to a variety of herbs contain tannins components, bubble for too long can produce astringency, tan is not clear. In addition, the immersion longer during the bubble, backout slightly shorter time.

Herbal tea other considerations

Herbal tea is the best bubble as much as they want to drink, drink not over to refrigerate, drink again, flavor is not intact bubble is perfect, but it can be extended to save the l ~ 2, more than 3 days is not suitable for leave again.

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