How to keep fresh tea

A, tea packaging material, no peculiar smell, has the good moistureproof property, sheng tea as far as possible on the airtight container and use method, reduce the contact with air, stored in a dry, clean, no peculiar smell.
Second, ordinary bottles, cans and so on keeping tea, use with internal and external double-layer cover or mouth stomach big POTS as well, can reduce the contact of air inside the container, the container lid to combine with the container body, to prevent moisture from entering.
Three, conditional, can be loaded in the tin tea to tank with pump pumping air, again good seal welding, so can store tea two or three years, such as the condition is not enough, can use hot water inside storage, because the water inside and outside air separation, the tea into the bravery inside, cover tightly stoppered, with white wax seal, outsourcing tape, simple, easy to family care.
Fourth, use freezer or refrigerator storage, storage note will add after the tea packing.
After five of the thin air, the use of tank and the sealing principle of tank tea isolated, tea drying to the moisture content is around 2% strike immediately into the pot, and then sealed and stored at room temperature can also be a year or two.
Six, with lime or senior desiccant, such as silica gel absorbs moisture from the tea, the preservation effect is good. Method is lime sealed with double white cloth first, then the tea wrapped in thin paper, bound, with 6.5: the proportion of 1 will unwrap the tea with good sealing lime into the altar, the middle note quick lime should be placed on the altar or drum, and then sealed with kraft paper with MATS altar, put in dry indoor storage, when lime imbibe weathering degree 80%, should be replaced in a timely manner, in general, fresh tea should be in two or three months later in grey once; Using silica gel storage in tea, such as desiccant granules from blue to pink to white, translucent to remove desiccant or micro fire baking in the sun into blue, continue to use, very affordable.

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