How to identify black tea stand or fall

1, the concept of shape: the dry tea color, cords, stem content, dry tea. Tea, black tea is fermented sweet, old Chen fragrant; Press brick tea surface integrity, die lines clear, angular, side without cracks; Loose tea cords YunJi, oil has good quality.

2, see tang: bright orange, Chen tea liquor color red as amber.

3, smell the aroma, with sweet fragrance or the forger, Chen Chen fragrant tea.

4, product taste: alcohol and, Chen lubrication, the sweet tea.

5, watching foliaceous: black, brown.

Old old black tea is resistant to bubble, can from the following points:

Features: shang segong is bright and clean, like old wine, no precipitation, turbidity, highly ornamental value, household glassware brewing, is advantageous for the color.

Aroma: early bubble fragrance with Chen, weak rigidity, Chen alcohol both mid and late Chen fragrant prominent, mellow like old wine.

Taste: early bubble entrance sweet, moist, smooth, taste thick but not greasy, sweet aftertaste. Medium-term sweet pure with cool, melt in your mouth; After make late tang becomes shallow, tea is still heavy sweet taste pure, no taste.

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