How to identify “biluochun” tea

“Biluochun” tea of the cable tight knot, curl, such as screw, pekoe exposed, silver green emerald green, leaf bud young, after brewing tea slowly stretch, swoop, silver ChengBi green tea, fragrant attacks, cool sweet taste, fresh fluid, as early as the tang period was listed as a tribute, how to identify “biluochun”?

How to identify “biluochun” tea?
How to identify “biluochun” tea?

The dry tea color, is in line with the silver green hidden cui, villous throughout. This tea is very fresh, fluffy whether adhesion on tea, note that adhesion is not inside the tea. If MAO too much, means not our varieties of dongting country of origin, the variety of fujian MAO is very much, all inside.

See no tight and ribbon, there is a word called copper wire, the bee legs. Screw is not like the shape of the shells of snails, in fact, more like the meat out of the shape of snails. Curl is enough. If the blade is narrow, straight, is not a good “biluochun”, do manual work is no home.

The whole broken, look at how much you have cut off.

The net. Look have other things mixed in it.

Use tea cup, one gram of tea 50 ml of water. Bubble out five minutes, to watch the beverage smelling aroma, look have fruit aroma. Are not planted in the middle of the fruit trees have fragrance, is actually responsible for processing. Feats, rolling to choose fine long hair, soft fire drying, in under the action of heat, more than 300 kinds of chemical components in tea, sugar alcohols are fully processed, the aroma.

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