How to distinguish between types of tea

Tea can be divided into a variety of methods.
Some differences according to different manufacturing methods and quality, the tea can be divided into green tea, black tea, oolong tea (oolong tea), white tea, yellow tea and black tea six categories.

The tea
The tea
Some tea according to our country export tea category divided into green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, scented tea, instant tea and tightly pressed tea a few broad categories.
Some according to our country, refining early tea processing is divided into two stages of the actual situation of the tea can be divided into two most shai and brewed tea, shai points of green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea and black tea five categories, will be subsumed in the class of green tea, yellow tea Brewed tea includes the refined processing of green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea and reprocessing of scented tea, instant tea and tightly pressed tea classes. Some still from producing area will be divided into tea known as sichuan, zhejiang, fujian tea tea tea, etc., are generally only this classification method is commonly known as.
The above several common classification methods together, Chinese tea can be divided into two most basic tea and reprocessed tea: green tea, this is the kind of tea production in our country, the designs and varieties of the highest in the world.
Green tea has high fragrance, green, form beauty, brewing, etc. The manufacture craft have been filming for a rolling a dry process. Due to different drying method in processing, can be divided into the traditional green tea green tea, roasted green tea, steamed green green tea green tea and sun qing. Green tea is a kind of tea production in our country, the 18 tea producing provinces (area) are the production of green tea. Designs and varieties of green tea in China leads the world in, tens of thousands of tons of exports each year, about 70% of the world tea market green tea trade. China ‘s traditional tea and green tea – eyebrow gunpower, high to sweet, green, form beauty, resistant to brew, deeply domestic and foreign customers welcome.
The difference between the black tea, black tea and green tea, lies in the different processing methods. Black tea processing without editing, and wilting, make part of fresh leaves of cloud water, and then rolling (knead into article or cut into particles), and then fermented, made of tea polyphenol oxidation, into a red compound. Part this part compounds dissolve in water, insoluble in water, and accumulate in leaf, forming a red soup, red leaves. Black tea is mainly small kind of black tea, black tea and red tea three categories.
Oolong tea (oolong tea), belongs to semi-fermented tea, namely the appropriate fermentation when producing, make the blade slightly red, is a kind of tea between green tea and black tea. Fresh, it is a combination of green tea and black tea sweet alcohol. Because its leaves for intermediate green, margin red, therefore is called “green leaves red edge”.
White tea, are a specialty of our country. It not fry not knead when processing, will only tender, back with pastel tea dry or with soft fire drying, and make the white full retention. White tea is mainly produced in fujian fuding, politics and, pine creek and jianyang county, there are “silver needle”, “white peony”, “gongmei,” longevity “eyebrow.
– in the process of tea, yellow tea after boring heap w yellow, thus form yellow leaves, when. Points “yellow flower tea” (including the junshan island silver bud, ya ‘an, sichuan, hunan dongting mingshan county of mengding yellow bud, bud within anhui huoshan huo), “Huang Xiaocha” (including the north port in hunan yueyang, hunan ningxiang weishan maojian tea, zhejiang pingyang when pingyang, hubei YuanAn deer park), “Huang Dacha” (including the big ye qing, anhui huoshan Huang Dacha) three categories.
Black tea, coarse old raw materials, processing when stacking fermentation for a long time, the leaf color is dark brown. Is Tibetan, Mongolian, uygur and other ethnic brothers indispensable daily necessities. Have “hunan black tea”, “hubei old oolong tea”, “six fort tea” in guangxi, sichuan’s “west side of the road tea” “south roadside tea”, yunnan tea “tight”, “flat tea”, “tea party”, and “round tea” and other varieties.
Shai reprocessed tea – in a variety of processed or refined tea again called add tea, including tea, compressed tea, liquid tea, instant tea, medicinal tea and so on.
Herbal tea, the tea compatibility, drugs and herbal tea, to play and to strengthen the effect of drugs, drug dissolution, increase the aroma, taste to reconcile. The many different kinds of tea, such as “afternoon tea”, “ginger tea”, “longevity tea”, “tea”, etc.
Scented tea – this is a relatively rare breed of design and color of tea. It is increased with floral tea of a kind of product, is very popular in our country. Generally made with green tea tea, and a few useful black tea or oolong tea. It according to the characteristics of the tea is easy to absorb peculiar smell, with fragrant flowers or whether material processing. The varieties such as jasmine, osmanthus several kinds of jasmine.
From the perspective of the world, in the above type of tea, with the largest number of black tea, the second is green tea, is the least amount of white tea.

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