How to distinguish between puer tea, tuo tea

Puer tea, tuo tea the difference between their origin, and two kinds of size of the taste of tea, and looked, detailed below the difference between the puer tea, tuo tea.

How to distinguish between puer tea, tuo tea?
How to distinguish between puer tea, tuo tea?

Pu ‘er tea

Puer tea original state from yunnan province, famous ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. Now, in xishuangbanna of yunnan, simao still abounds in puer tea. According to history record, the tang dynasty of south yunnan silver raw mansion for agriculture in yunnan tea area, and pu ‘er ancient silver raw mansion, are distributed in the south of yunnan tea pu-erh tea house, then the distribution, so it is famous for puer tea name. Referred to in the history of pu-erh tea, therefore, is actually made of yunnan large leaf tea drying shai qing as raw material, by processing into various tea in yunnan.

Embellish of black of puer tea appearance brawny hypertrophy, colour and lustre or brown red color (commonly known as pork liver), taste mellow back to gan, Chen fragrant and unique. Puer tea, has long been regarded as a kind of health drink. Is proved by the domestic and foreign experts in the order, puer tea can reduce blood fat, reduce weight, bacteriostasis, digestion, warm stomach, thirst, thirst, ingesting detoxification, etc. I’m kind of efficacy.

Tuo tea

Tuo tea origin, the name of the legend. Others said, it is sold in tuojiang river in sichuan area in the past, so its name; Some said the tea tea called regiment, Tuo is by group into noodles.

Tuo tea in yunnan, yunnan green as raw materials, with first and second level autoclaved into a bowl, outer diameter 8 cm, 4.5 cm high, show milli appearance, quality is the best “super tuo tea”, aroma fragrant, taste mellow and the sweet throat flavor, bright orange tang. With pu ‘er tea from yunnan pu-erh tea tuo tea, autoclave appearance tight knot, brown red color, has a unique Chen fragrant, taste mellow back to gan, looked red thick and bright. Pu tuo tea marketing at home and abroad, is quite popular with consumers. In Paris, France therapist to 20 high blood lipid of patients a day drink a bowl of pu-erh tea tuo tea, 1 months later, the patient’s blood lipid fell by 22%, curative effect is remarkable.

Tuo tea in addition to the agriculture in yunnan, sichuan and chongqing have production, according to the optimal time of the raw materials used are divided into “super chongqing tuo tea”, “chongqing tuo tea” and “mountain city tuo tea” three. The weight of the sichuan tuo tea 50 grams, 100 grams and 250 grams of three kinds of specifications.

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