How to choose the chrysanthemum tea

Flat liver chrysanthemum tea is one of the health drink in summer. The food and drug supervision bureau in guangzhou a few days ago, however, found in sales of sulfur chrysanthemum dens, jurisdiction is investigated with sulfur smoked used for generation of tea drink chrysanthemum 1 tons of raw materials, the chrysanthemum tea pushed to the forefront of public opinion. The expert reminds, buy chrysanthemum to a look, smell, wary of acid taste, color white chrysanthemum, this may be the sulfur smoked chrysanthemum.
Sulfur is a kind of strong oxidation of chemicals. Now, there are two types of sulfur products on the market: one is industrial grade, is used in the production of the tyre, fireworks and other industries. 2 it is food grade, allowing use in some of the food production process, can have the effect of bleaching, anti-corrosion.

Our government regulation, sulfur used in fresh fruit, per kilogram of no more than 50 mg; Used as bean curd stick bleaching, more than 200 milligrams per kilogram of can’t. If excessive use, will cause harm to human body. Studies show that sulfur in a short period of time a large number of enters the body, more than the metabolism of the liver and kidney load, hydrogen sulphide, which is then oxidized to highly toxic. Hydrogen sulfide can inhibit enzyme activity, make the intracellular REDOX process obstacles caused by hypoxia, will show the suffocation and central nervous system symptoms of acute poisoning. Sulfur dioxide, sulfur, can damage the respiratory and digestive tract mucous membrane, long-term exposure to appear red, watery eyes, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, breath and other symptoms, affect kidney function, and even increase the risk of lung cancer.

At present, our country the main performance of the abuse of sulfur is used for food and traditional Chinese medicine fumigation excess and beyond. Sulfur dioxide from the burning of sulfur has a strong adsorption, residues in food and medicine. If you are using industrial-grade sulfur and mixed heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, will cause harm to human body. In addition to the chrysanthemum, and some Chinese medicinal herbs, tremella, lotus seed, day lily, also there are a large number of sulfur smoked phenomenon. Some vendors to achieve better bleaching and anti-corrosion effect, the bean curd stick Chinese super dose. Some people say that the sulfur is in the eyes of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine herbs, sulfur smoked chrysanthemum, although not substituting tea drinking, but it can be used to soak the foot. Except to suit the sulfur bubble foot, there is also the question of quantity, amount to heal, too much hurt, and therefore, cannot use suspicious chrysanthemum bubble foot. As long as find chrysanthemum may use sulfur smoked, will not be able to buy and eat, including generation of tea and bubble foot.

When consumer is buying chrysanthemum, make it a habit to check the label and avoid buying small workshops of 3 without the product production, learn to identify true and false chrysanthemum. Dried chrysanthemum of choose and buy, want to have a look at, 2.

A look at the normal dried chrysanthemum, slightly yellow. Who looks very beautiful, white chrysanthemum very evenly, mostly with sulfur smoked.

The smell If the chrysanthemum pungent smell very, and there are sour, then must have been sulphur fumigated. Never smoked chrysanthemum, only the light faint scent.

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