Golden marble quality characteristics of how

Golden marble is yellow Yan (also called Huang Dan) varieties of oolong tea tree tender tip, is different from the tieguanyin oolong tea in style and a gourmet. So what’s the quality, golden marble? Here, we give a introduction of golden marble quality characteristics.

Golden marble quality characteristics of how?
Golden marble quality characteristics of how?

Golden marble into tea, tight and thin strip, colour and lustre is smooth golden bright; Oneself sip full tang golden bright, light, taste glycol fine pleasant delicacy, relaxed and happy making a person; Elegant fresh scent, slightly sweet osmanthus fragrance; The central yellow green leaves, and edge scarlet, soft and bright, has a reputation for “know Huang Dan” smell a smell, ancient have “no day real taste, smell through first day” of reputation.

Golden marble, also called yellow Yan (Dan), native to anxi uhen, in the reign of xianfeng, qing dynasty (1850-1850) created. Leaf is very thin, leaf did not pick the color is yellow.


Cords a slender, pointed shuttle and loose body is gone with the wind, not heavy, small leaf stalks, a Huang Nan colour yellow or yellowish green, green color, luster. A “yellow, thin, fine,” said.


Looked golden yellow or bright yellow and lucidity. High aroma and elegant fragrance, often with peach and pear perfume, alcohol fine xianshuang taste, back to gan, combines refreshing, known as “sweet fresh, strange,” said.

The bottom of the leaf

Yellowish green, leaf blade apex slightly, is long and narrow shape, the main vein, blade thinner, lighter leaf margin serrate.

The core features: golden marble dried tea lighter; The traditional golden marble tea peach fragrance; Evaluation of foliaceous, found that the blade thin, submit long and narrow form.

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