Chinese tea is pervasive in when

The Chinese first discovery and use of tea, tea was first for edible and medicinal, tea drinking is later than the edible and medicinal. When drinking tea began? When drinking tea is pervasive in China? How to drink tea? Slightly below.

When drinking tea is pervasive in China?
When drinking tea is pervasive in China?

Tea began in the western han dynasty

About the origin of tea, so far is no altar, undecided. Roughly speaking, qin said, rare said to him, “said the three countries.

Qin said

Tea tea tea according to the shennong food sutra “for a long time, a powerful yue chi”, think that drinking tea began in the era of shen nong, “tea to drink, sincerely the emperor”. (” drink of tea classics, six “) shennong the yan emperor, with the yellow emperor as the tribal leaders in ancient Chinese. However the shennong food by the present research in book form in the han dynasty after drinking just legend began in ancient primitive society, not a historic.

Qing gu yanwu believed that “since the qin people take shu, and then, from the beginning of tea drinks” (the day known record, tea) gu yanwu think tea began in the warring states period is just speculation, there is no direct evidence. Qin tea, not from legend, is indirectly speculate that not by material to prove.

The three said

The reflection, wu book, WeiYao biography has given “dense tea Chuan to generation of wine”, this kind of drink can drink for tea drinks, enough to prove that wu court have tea. On this basis, the south window ji talk think drinking tea in China began in The Three Kingdoms, “collection of ancient recorded” that began in the wei and jin dynasty.

In The Three Kingdoms period dongwu tea is conclusive, however, when the tea dongwu from bashu, bashu Yu Dongwu before drinking tea, therefore, China must be earlier than in The Three Kingdoms period of tea drinking.

The western han dynasty said

Qing dynasty Hao Yi walk in the midst of the common to the said: “of tea drink, from the beginning in the han, it originated from the early han dynasty. Sima xiangru every will have Chuan -, Wang Bao servants about Wu Yang buy tea.” Hao Yihang think drinking tea is in the eastern han, in the beginning but originated from the western han dynasty.

Wang Bao “servants about” have “tea cooking do” and “Wu Yang buy tea”, it was generally supposed that “buy tea” of “tea” for tea, and Wu Yang namely now land in sichuan, shows that in the western han dynasty in sichuan followers in god jue three years (59 years BC), Chinese tea is not later than the first century BC.

We think that China tea began in the western han dynasty and tea drinking later than edible, medicinal tea, the Chinese found with tea and tea, long before the western han dynasty, and even can be traced back to the period of chow.

Drinking tea development in the southern and northern dynasties in the 5th in The Three Kingdoms

Rare verifiable according to Chinese tea began, but in the western han dynasty, Chinese tea only sichuan area, the western han dynasty to the tea made record of sima xiangru, Wang Bao, Yang Xiongjun is sichuan people. Han period, the tea as a specialty of sichuan, through tributary channel, first of all to Kyoto changan, and gradually to the prevailing political, economic and cultural center in north shaanxi, henan and other transmission. Sichuan tea fashion, on the other hand, along the waterway along the Yangtze river and spread to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river region. From the western han dynasty to The Three Kingdoms period, in bashu, tea is the product of rare for upper class to enjoy, the tea limited to princes and Dukes, folk may have little tea.

In what law sheng “te xing book” reporter: “Liu Na for Wu Xingtai first, general who Xie Anchang notions of na,… both to Ann, set is tea fruit”. Western Liu Kun with brother ZiNa secretariat of state play book: “my boredom in the body, constant false true tea, credible to”. Jin zuo si have charming female poems: “stop for tea Chuan drama, boasting of ding will issue”. In yi-qing liu song of the language, a new light, small 26 “reporter:” chu crossing at the beginning of a teacher…. thorn around with more juice “. “34 flaws in the” load: “any cloud, this is a tea for tea.” Jin dynasties period, the jiangnan area, “to do under the seats should drink,” popular tea between literati, folk also have tea.

Southern liang Xiao Zi show the southern book ยท biographic sketches of emperor wudi “:” sacrifice. My spirit not only set a bread, tea, rice, wine preserved.” Explains the renewal of introduction to the monk biography “:” song interpretation yao, Yang surname, hedong…. hanging in the car, drink tea rice.” Xinan Wang Ziluan, “Song Lu” : “prince yu zhang ShangYi haze in eight male mountain road, road mingyuan tea. The child is still smell of yue: the dew also, David mingyuan tea.” HouWei Yang Heng of the volume of “luoyang kuan ti three south temple: good” (king) against entering the country, do not eat mutton and cheese slurry. Often rice carp soup, thirsty to drink tea juice…. Liu Gao to matter, when the wind of MuSu, XiMing drink.” In Song Shanqian “ng hing kee” have “process temperature, the royal Chuan”, “changxing pecked wood cen, every years old Wu Xing Queensland ling was the tea party, two county satrap condition will pavilion.” Northern and southern dynasties, emperor or flow, literati, tea wind is more strong than the jin. Wu Xingyou imperial tea garden, tea plucking season 2 county satrap banquet set, presumably DuZao tea, gong on the court.

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