China has a history of what kind of tea

The earliest Chinese tea history, tea “tea classics” cloud: “tea to drink, sincerely the emperor shen nung, smell in the duke of zhou lu”. As early as in shennong period, tea and medicinal value has been found, and the medicinal drinks gradually evolved into everyday life. Our country has always been to pick tea, water, submit, seasoning, tea cooking, tea and tasting method is exquisite, thus gradually formed rich, tea drinking customs and tea art of fit. The purpose of this paper is to simple narrative way of drinking tea and custom development and evolution, the general can be divided into several stages:
History of tea drinking
History of tea drinking
Before the spring and autumn, the first tea as a medicinal and concern. Ancient human directly with chewing tea fresh leaf dip tea juice was fragrant, lightening and convergence of pleasure, over time, tea contains chewing as a hobby. The prelude to the stage, is the tea to drink.
With the evolution of human life, living habit of chewing tea into a decoction. The fresh leaves after wash, add water to buy POTS and soup with leaves. , decoction of tea is bitter, but the taste, flavor and efficacy are raise, win a few days for a long time, get into the habit of cooking Fried drinks the nature, this is the beginning of the tea as a drink.
Tea by medicinal development for the daily drink, however, after eating phase as a transition in the middle. As tea when food and cook for drink soup. After tea cooked, eat together with food to reconcile. At this point, with the purpose of the tea, one is the increase nutrition, a is as a food detoxification. “This spring and autumn”, “this phase male scene, the take off of the millet rice, the main three Yi five eggs nameplates, food”; “Er ya”, the word “bitter tea” annotation cloud “leaf main drink soup”; Tong jun record and other ancient books, had tea with ginger and some spices records for cooking. At this point, the tea using method is a step forward, use at the time of cooking technology, and has set up a note to the tea liquor flavoring.
Qin and han dynasties, the tea of simple processing is beginning to emerge. Fresh leaves beaten with rods pie tea, dry or drying to hold again, drinking, tea dolly jug, first into the boiling water and add onion ginger, and orange flavor. This tea is not only the daily life of drug detoxification, and be the food of hospitality. Another, as a result of the qin dynasty unified the bashu (region) in the early spread of tea in our country, promote the tea knowledge and custom eastward. When the western han dynasty, tea is a palace and senators were a kind of elegant pastime, Wang Bao “child about” existing “Wu Yang buy tea”. Further development in The Three Kingdoms period, the wind of tea, tea began to notice the cooking method, appears when wine “” to the tea custom (see the reflection. Wu chi”), in central China tea time has been more common. In the jin, northern and southern dynasties, tea from the original precious luxuries become ordinary drinks.
The sui and tang dynasties, more than tea processing tea into a cake. When drinking, add spices cooked soup to drink. Along with the tea things, gong tea appears to accelerate the development of the tea cultivation and processing technology, have sprung up many of the famous tea, drinks the method also has a bigger improvement. Especially in the tang dynasty, drinking tea become more common, way of drinking tea has great progress. At this point, to improve the tea an indication, began to join mint, salt, red jujube flavor. In addition, have to use special tea cooking utensils, theory of tea monographs appeared. Liu yu “saint” three articles, for tea, a drink of tea boiled with detail. At this point, the selection of tea and water, cooking methods and the quality of the tea and tea environment is becoming more and more exquisite, gradually formed a tea ceremony. By the tang of the former to the “eat tea porridge” of the tang people regard tea as “for the more the high”, is a great leap forward of the tea culture of our country.
“Tea is popular in the tang dynasty and fill in the song dynasty”, in the song dynasty, tea method change, bring far-reaching influence on the way of tea drinking. Less tea made from tea, tea cake, more drinking when crushed, add seasoning cook, also have no. Along with the increasingly rich tea and tea is becoming more and more exquisite, tea has gradually the original color, flavor, spice gradually reduced. Appeared at the same time, with steamed green legal system into a loose tea, and growing, tea production by the mass of bread is given priority to incline to is given priority to with loose tea. Boil drinking procedure gradually simplified, traditional boil drinking habits, it is start from song dynasty to the Ming and qing dynasties, appeared a huge change.
After the Ming dynasty, due to innovation of the technology of tea tea, tea has more loose tea and tea cooking method from the original decoction to brew is given priority to development. Tea with boiling water and then fine taste slow sip, and uprightness, attacks the divine, the palate, the tea thick alcohol and clear tea soup, can taste the flavor character of natural tea more.
After the Ming and qing dynasties, with the increasing of tea, tea form two characteristics: one, improving methods and exquisite tea. Teapot teacup with boiled water to wash, dry cloth to wipe dry, hot out first, then pour. Vessel is “take purple as cover to avoid seize the incense, nor cooked soup gas”. Two, the six major tea, drinks the way according to the different tea also have greatly changed. At the same time, each region due to different customs, began to choose different tea. Such as be fond of black tea of guangdong, fujian more drink oolong, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces are good green tea, northerners like jasmine tea or green tea, frontier minority multi-purpose black tea, brick tea.
Throughout the evolution of the tea reveals the despite the differences, but if with tea and seasoning, tea environment as the basis, is today’s tea drinking can be mainly divided into three types:
One is exquisite and elegant jardine tea custom: tea rushed to boiling water or after boiling water cool, accord with natural, clear drink elegant taste, seeking the taste of tea, emphasis on artistic conception, and the “purity” of the old Chinese traditional thought kiss, this is the characteristics of clear drink of tea.
China’s jiangnan of green tea, scented tea, puer tea, for instance, southwest area in the north of steamed oolong tea (oolong tea, and Japan.
2 it is to be particular about both seasoning flavor of the tea custom: is characterized by tea cooking add various seasonings. Such as the frontier of butter, salt, tea, milk tea and dong play ground tea camellia, tujia, and as Europe and the United States more milk tea, lemon tea, taste the tea, spices, tea, etc., are both special flavor seasoning.
3 it is to enjoy a variety of be particular about tea drinking customs: namely except tea tea, also with the points, accompanied by singing and dancing, music, calligraphy and painting, drama, etc. Such as “Lao she teahouse in Beijing.
Its outside, should the accelerating rhythm of life, a modern variant of the tea, instant tea, iced tea, liquid tea and various tea bag, fully reflects the essence of modern cultural pragmatic. Is cannot be called a product, but it can’t deny that this is one of the development trend of tea.
Tea drink, aims at the earliest: detoxification, xiaoshi, sedative, profit, and less sleep; Later have the tea tea classics and so on the way to excellence, and of the “strange” minority drink, ca; Probably just like poetry, and the wind, all is worth it to ponder. If to have “elegant” and tea, is probably one of the reasons why the author prosperous, or tea for “tao”, emphasize “and respect QingJi”, for example, people think differently.

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