Between green tea and black tea of the examination and approval of standard

Introduction to the red green tea review, mainly including the following five:

Shape: the shape of tea, including color, an important factor to determine the tea quality. The review form, namely inspection tea appearance is elastic, the broken, the thickness, weight, homogeneous degree and the slice, content and colour and lustre.

Tenderness: tea old nun has close relationship with the quality. Every tea body tight knot heavy, full full, bud head more, have MiaoFeng, both said tea delicate, good quality; On the other hand, become loose, broken broken light, the old tea made from thick, quality time.

Clarity: is the tea contains stem, at the end of the piece, the extent of the park and other impurities.

Evenness: refers to whether the tea and uniformity, thickness differs very little length is preferred.

Color: every harmonic color, smooth and bright, bright oil moisten, often referred to as the raw material and delicate, or well-made products, quality, time, conversely.

Aroma: the north known as “tea”. Tea after boiling water for five minutes, pour out the tea juice in review bowl, smelling the aroma is normal. With flowers, fruit, honey sweet etc is pleased by the aroma is preferred. Old fire and smoke, spoiled, mildew, such as smell, is often due to poor handling or improper packaging and storage.

Taste: the north is usually called “tea mouth” that the beverage is mellow, fresh thick said water extract content and composition well. Tea liquor bitterness, coarse old said water extract ingredients is bad. Tea weak weak, insufficient water extract content.

Four, color: also called “tang”. Review of the quality of water are the main difference between fresh degree and degree of fresh leaves of the old nun. Green tea is the most ideal water to fresh limpid blue thick, black tea very red and bright. Low-level or metamorphic tea, the water is cloudy and dark.

Five, leaf base: review of tender and basically is to see its colour and lustre and old leaves. Shoot tips and the blade, the more fine and soft said tea tenderness. Anxi tea commodities incense, points out that the tea leaf is rough and hard thin say coarse old and poor growth. Tempered with bright color and texture, said good tea technology processing.

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