What kind of tea is Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea is tea and jasmine flowers to fight, and scenting, the absorption of tea blossom and tea and jasmine interactive integration, so Jasmine Tea is what tea, here is what Jasmine Tea tea this problem.
Jasmine Tea is what kind of tea?
Jasmine Tea is what kind of tea?
Jasmine Tea Green Tea is used as raw material, through repeatedly scenting jasmine, processed tea to make tea, jasmine and made adsorption. What is the Jasmine Tea tea, tea is Jasmine Tea.
Jasmine Tea jasmine aroma is in the process has gradually, so tea jasmine flower is the only embellishment, fresh and beautiful, the embellishment, some varieties in some, although there are unscrupulous commercial tea used by others waste mix tea shoddy, but there is no dried flower embellishment and cannot be used as the quality standard of judging tea.
To judge the quality of tea should also be based on the taste of tea as a standard.

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