What is the tea Tieguanyin tea

A tea, Tieguanyin belongs to believe me, not Green Tea, note: green tea also known as Oolong Tea. It began in the Qing Dynasty, between black tea and green tea. Production characteristics of the use of a unique “green” process, the entire process is between black tea and green tea, so that polyphenols mild or partial oxidation. The leaf color is dark green or red green soup is yellow or golden yellow, sweet color fragrance, taste nongchunxianshuang. With the Black Tea and Green Tea mellow fragrance.
Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea produced in Anxi County of Fujian province. Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea has a long history, known as the king of tea. According to the load, Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea origin of dry Qing Yong Zheng years (1725 – 1735). Anxi county is mountainous, warm climate, abundant rainfall, lush tea growing, tea variety, brilliant purples and reds ranks first nationwide.
Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea, a year four period of tea, spring tea, summer tea, summer tea and autumn tea. The quality of tea to spring for the best. Preparation method of production processes and the general Oolong Tea Tieguanyin is basically the same, but turn a few more rocking, cool blue shorter. Generally in the evening before the sun drying, shaking all night green, cool blue, the next morning to complete the fermentation, and then stir fried and baked, which lasted a day and night.
Its production process is divided into drying green, rolling green, cool blue, fixing, rubbing and cutting, initial drying, kneading, re drying, drying processes 9. Excellent quality Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea cord tight knot fat weight, such as iron, lotus green sand, green with green, red spots, sweet fragrance, sweet mellow fresh, unique taste, rich sweet aftertaste, brew 7 times still lingering fragrance; golden soup, Yedi hypertrophy soft, brilliant uniform light, leaf edge red dot, green heart of the red edge.

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