What is the Fujian Dahongpao tea

Dahongpao tea, produced in Fujian Wuyi rock, many people often mistake, it is Black Tea Fujian Dahongpao Dahongpao, so what is the tea? DaGongPao belong to what kind of tea? Here we introduce what is Fujian Dahongpao tea, whether it is Black Tea.
What is the Fujian Dahongpao tea?
What is the Fujian Dahongpao tea?
Dahongpao is one of the six major tea in tea, also known as Oolong Tea, is a semi fermented tea, tea polyphenols, especially high Dahongpao tea polysaccharide of theanine, three kinds of beneficial ingredients, has anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, enhance memory, good. One is the tea polyphenols in particular, one of the most important EGCG has anti-cancer function; tea polysaccharide content is 3.1 times 1.7 times Black Tea, Green Tea, it can enhance human immunity, reduce blood fat; as the tea unique amino acid theanine content reached 1.1%, it can promote brain blood circulation, enhance memory, lower blood pressure.
Dahongpao tea drink more the better is not new, improper easily hurt the stomach, just because the tea picking back, short storage time, no material containing more by oxidation of phenols, aldehydes and alcohols, these substances did not have much effect on the health of people, but the poor gastrointestinal function, especially have chronic gastrointestinal tract inflammation of the patient, these substances will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, gastrointestinal function had poor are more likely to cause stomach problems.
Not to drink before going to bed or fasting, the correct method is to be placed for half a month after the possible use.
To sum up, we are what tea in Fujian has been working out, Dahongpao? Dahongpao Dahongpao is not Black Tea, Oolong Tea.

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