What is the burdock tea

Some people will ask what is the burdock tea, burdock tea, golden color, aroma and pleasant, and health drinks for all seasons. Burdock tea can also be made in food, meals in the collocation of edible stew, boil, boiled to make soup, etc.. The following is about what is to introduce the burdock tea.
What is the burdock tea?
What is the burdock tea?
Selection of high-quality burdock burdock tea
The use of advanced technology and processing, its golden color, aroma and pleasant, is a senior and nutritional beverage for all seasons. Other benefits of drinking burdock tea for a period of time after drinking only you can feel, but you have constipation is one or two days can be excluded, but not like drinking the tea that terrible diarrhea. Significant effect of burdock tea drinking stick. Burdock contains fiber as soluble fiber, the method can obtain the tea to lose weight, both economical and convenient. Drink burdock tea has diuretic, laxative, prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, detoxification, clearing blood beauty, regulating blood lipid, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, spleen and stomach, kidney yang, has obvious effect on rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity, cancer. Because it is a natural tonic food, it eliminates toxins, nutrients side to be nourishing and conditioning, to restore the natural balance your body’s health status, to row up one of the blending effect, and the effect is remarkable, the strange smell, known around the world for the new century’s most nutritious health food tonic. (for portability, convenient food and drink, so called “tea”. )
Burdock tea can directly drink tea
Burdock tea – lipid-lowering laxative perfect natural burdock tea, Qingrejiedu dampness, spleen appetizers laxative, blood pressure, blood lipid, blood balance regulating calcium, Ziyin impotence, moisturize the skin, beautifying and eliminating fleck and prolong life!
Burdock tea drinking method
Take a few pieces of tea, silk with boiling water for three to five minutes to drink. The effect of chewing is better when it is colorless.

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