Why red tea mineral water

Mineral water is rich in mineral water, its hardness, iron, soluble solids content are higher than pure water and tap water. After the test, with a hardness of 170 mg / liter, total dissolved solids at 3000 mg / liter, iron below 0.005 mg / L of mineral water for tea, its color, aroma and taste are able to maintain the characteristics of tea, tea tea water is preferred. If you use more than the standard mineral mineral water, tea, tea will affect the color, make sense is poor, but no influence on the quality of tea.
Mineral water causes the dark brown tea, mainly protein, tannin acid and tea polyphenols and rubber substances containing a certain amount of sediment components in tea, combining them with mineral water calcium, magnesium and iron will form the turbidity and precipitate, thus affecting the turbidity of tea. In addition, the oxidation of iron ion in water, replacement tea tannic acid and tea polyphenols, will change into the colored colorless hydroxyl hydroxyl groups, so as to enhance the tea color, brown. This is like people with iron knife to cut the apple, by air oxidation, the surface gradient Brown flesh wound, but also iron and tannin adhesive material because of the interaction of cranberry. Therefore, the best choice for people who love tea dissolved solids content of low mineral water as well.

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