Where is the tea producing areas China

China is the tea of the motherland, the broad area of the main origin of tea Chinese roughly located in north latitude 18 degrees to 38 degrees in Hainan Island Sanya Taihang Mountains in Lingshou County wuyuezhai, tea experts found that the myriads of changes, China’s tea, high-quality tea mostly produced in latitude 30 degrees.
Is the representative of tea tea quality, traditional tea needs good natural environment, rich cultural heritage, exquisite processing technology are indispensable. Some of this will, by one or two the festival competitions out of “tea”, is not often flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the test of history. We are recognized on the ten traditional tea origin analysis found that there is an interesting phenomenon:
Longjing from Zhejiang, Hangzhou mountain lion Mei Jiawu, Weng Jiashan, Yunxi, Hutiaomen, Lingyin area, located at latitude 30 degrees 15 ‘
Biluochun Tea
The Spring Snail from Jiangsu Taihu Dongting mountain, located at latitude 31 degrees
Silver needle
Junshan Silver Needle Tea produced by Hunan Dongting Lake in Yueyang on the island of Junshan, as the latitude 29 degrees 15 ‘
Mengding Ganlu
Sichuan Mingshan Mengding Ganlu Mengding produced in latitude 29 degrees 58 minutes.
Anhui Mount Huangshan Mao peak at latitude 30 degrees 08 ‘
Lu’an Guapian is produced from Anhui Province, Lu’an, Jinzhai, Mount Holyoke three counties adjacent to the mountain, hill and mountain Guapian share two areas in mountain tea, tea product, and block produced by “Qi Shan mountain is the best name card” of Lu’an guapian. The old block mountain is Lu’an, which is now Jinzhai County, located at latitude 31 degrees 38 ‘
One of the four Black Tea world Keemun Black Tea areas are between 29 degrees north latitude 35 degrees 08 ‘-30’
Xinyang Maojian tea produced in latitude 32 degrees 13 ‘
Tie Guanyin
Anxi Tieguanyin Tea produced in latitude 25 degrees 07 ‘
From the origin of more than ten tea, is within 30 degrees north latitude 1 degrees. The West Lake Longjing Tea, Junshan Silver Needle Tea, Mount Huangshan Mao Feng, Mount Lu, Qiyang, Mengding Ganlu cloud Black Tea six tea, located at latitude in Spring Snail and Lu’an Guapian between 30 + 1 degrees ~2 degrees, adjacent to the latitude of the Xinyang Maojian (latitude 32 degrees 13 minutes). Only the famous Oolong Tea Anxi Tieguanyin Tea origin is not in this area.
In addition to the old bamboo generous (30 degrees north latitude 11 degrees 07 ‘-30’), Enshi manna (latitude 29 degrees 50 minutes), Ningbo white tea, Guzhang Maojian tea, Shimen Maojian flowers such as Higashiyama Xiumine, the tea is also produced beyond count, near 30 degrees north latitude region.
It can be seen that the latitude 30 degrees, is the quality of the tea producing areas with China.

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