What should pay attention to the selection of Pu erh tea

Pu’er tea is a kind of Chen Yuexiang, good for human health. It is very necessary for the consumers to know the puer tea and how to choose the best tea. According to the national standards, from the following four principles to answer the selection of Pu’er tea should pay attention to what.
Pu’er tea selection should pay attention to what?
Pu’er tea selection should pay attention to what?
Protected areas in Yunnan Pu’er Tea in a Dayezhong, middle and small leaf tea production, but Pu’er Tea is only in this area dayezhong.
Pu’er tea is a protected area of Yunnan Pu’er, Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Baoshan and other 11 cities, 75 counties (cities, districts), 639 townships (towns, street offices) are now under the jurisdiction of the administrative region. Not more than the protection of the production of tea, are not Pu’er tea.
Drying green
Drying green tea and tea must be “sun drying”, namely drying green, green sun the goal is to keep the Pu’er Tea enzyme activity, keep it after fermentation. This is one of the key technologies of Pu’er tea, which is different from other tea. Pu’er tea leaves when picking a long rainy season, whether the production enterprises have sun green shed, this time to ensure the freshness of green leaves, is the key to test the quality of tea production enterprises.
Post fermentation
Pu’er Tea is based on the sun dried green tea on the compact shape and natural fermentation, or the use of sundried green tea after artificial fermentation, these two methods are after fermentation, the fermentation process is different from Black Tea, Oolong Tea.

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