What is the mengdinghuangya tea quality characteristics

Mengdinghuangya cultivation began in the Western Han Dynasty, dating back more than two thousand years of history, it was a tribute for the emperors enjoyed the new China after the establishment has been rated as one of the top ten tea.
What is the mengdinghuangya tea quality characteristics?
What is the mengdinghuangya tea quality characteristics?
The quality characteristics of yellow tea leaves Decoction “”. This is the yellow tea process of piling, the yellow. Yellow tea is tea, Huang Xiaocha and Huang Ya Huang tea three. Yellow Chaya tender leaves, significantly cents, fragrance mellow.
Due to the different varieties, there are considerable differences in the tea selection, machining process. For example, Hunan Province, Yueyang Dongting Lake of Junshan “Junshan Silver Needle Tea” tea, with full fat bud, tea processing fine, divided into fixing, spreading, initial drying, re spread, initial package, re drying then, spreading, drying and grading complex package, ten processes. After processing the “Junshan Silver Needle Tea” tea appearance of hair, color of gold Huang Guangliang. Mengdinghuangya flat straight shape, bud bud leaf, color yellow, sweet flavor, soup color is revealed, Huang Liang Pitt, fresh and pure taste will be sweet, whole buds yellow leaf.
Mengdinghuangya of efficacy: mengdinghuangya retting is tea, in the retting process, will produce a lot of digestive enzymes, the most beneficial to the spleen and stomach, indigestion, loss of appetite, obesity, lazy can drink the. Wenzhou decoction can better play the function of Chayuan yellow tea, Wenzhou decoction can penetrate more fat cells, fat cells to restore metabolic function in digestive enzymes, fat removal.

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