What is the difference between oolong tea and green tea

A lot of people on Oolong tea and green tea in the difference between a vague state, below we from the composition, function, characteristics of these aspects of Oolong tea and green tea:
What is the difference between oolong tea and green tea?
What is the difference between oolong tea and green tea?
Green Tea, people used to call for green tea. One of the differences between oolong tea and green tea is that it contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. Green tea picking time determines its quality. The quality of the spring equinox to the Qingming before picking the best. On the market called Mingqian tea. Oolong tea and green tea is the difference between the two of their role: regular drinking green tea can soften blood vessels, reduce the high blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis, and can prevent and reduce the deposition of melanin in the skin.
The scientific evidence, Green Tea can reduce radiation damage on the human body, has a certain anti-cancer effect, experts called the “atomic age health drink”. Features: green broth, taste fresh Oolong Tea: also known as green tea. It is between the production of Green Tea and fully fermented Black Tea belongs to semi fermented tea, so Oolong Tea bubble open, green leaves for the middle, edge is red, people figuratively as “red rimmed green”.
Oolong tea brewing is very particular about, quite time-consuming, it is also known as “Gongfu tea”. Role: Oolong tea contains a variety of minerals, with a strong decomposition, the role of fat digestion, can inhibit the accumulation of cholesterol, we can say that the oil can be removed. Drinking with oolong tea can accelerate the metabolism of alcohol, protect the liver.
The difference between oolong tea and green tea is the most innovative – Oolong tea lipid-lowering, weight loss effect has been increasing attention. A few years ago in Japan set off oolong tea heat enduring, because of this unique effect. Features: color Huang Hong, with natural flowers, unique charm.

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