What is the difference between new and old tea tea

Some people think that the old tea has a special taste, and the new black tea is bitter unbearable. But it is not the case, then the difference between old and new tea tea have? The following details of this knowledge.
What is the difference between new and old tea tea?
What is the difference between new and old tea tea?
The new black tea has a soft sweet taste. In terms of nutritional value. More new nutritional ingredients of black tea, tea after boiling, more flavor. As the market prices of the old black tea is more “rare” results. The natural views. Eyes of the beholder.
The difference between the two is on drinking. The old tea more mellow and soft, red tea aroma, deep, has a unique taste and Chen Yun; and the new fresh tea tea, tea clear orange, sweet fast, cost-effective. In the aspect of reducing blood pressure. More than Chasheng Chen had better.
Hunan Tea Co., Ltd. Peng Xionggen, head of the company believes that the sale of tea. Tea is not necessarily a year of tea. The old tea is rare, good old tea less, if really understand tea and health value, then the new tea should be more worthy of attention.
Of course, if you feel the taste of tea is not soft, can be preserved for one or two years before, after the relative time after the aging of Hunan black tea will also have a distinctive flavour. Under normal conditions. 35 years is enough.
In history, because the traffic is relatively backward, Fuzhuan Tea after a long trek to reach the northwest minority areas, in this process, Chazhuan after exposure, some of the products inside the fuse exposed to wind and rain, microbial chemistry produced “Golden Flower”, which is also of eurotiumcristatum; border area people have been accustomed to the taste of thousands to think that “Golden Flower” tea taste is more mellow, more superior effect, so that this standard has become an important basis for manufacturers and consumers.
Visited the two major tea black tea and related experts, we learned that the black hair “Jinhua” not only in the old thousand tea brick tea which is, in fact. Relying on modern technology, new Qianliang tea and Fu brick tea can also have a large area of Jinhua, even by a method of “seed”, which can be seen in the black brick jinhua.
For the market, the domestic market can see the old tea, if there is no certain professional knowledge as well as to tea in the history of understanding. It is very easy to be deceived by the packaging, which The loss outweighs the gain.. Now even the old plant tea. Leave black tea is not much. The northwest areas in recent years as a result of the acquisition of old tea workers increased, the old tea There is not much left. For tea, should hold a calm and peaceful state of mind, do not have to chase too old tea.

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