What is Guangxi tea

People often ask, Liupu loose tea, produced in Guangxi Cangwu County Fort Township, called Fort Cangwu, Fort tea production has more than and 200 years of history, the present distribution in Xunjiang River, he Jiang, the Liujiang River, and the red water river, Cangwu, Hengxian, Gongcheng, Shiga Prefecture, county, Sanjiang Hechi, Liucheng and other 20 to 30 county.
What is Guangxi tea?
What is Guangxi tea?
Liupu tea quality is characterized by long whole cord tight knot, red soup thick, aroma Chen thick, taste the orthodox should take lampblack and areca taste, Securinega copper brown.
Liupu tea is picking a bud and two leaf or a bud and three leaf shoots, by fixing, rolling, retting, re kneading, drying into five processes; fixing characteristics of low temperature fixing, rolling is mainly for shaping, cell broken supplement, because requirements of Liupu tea resistant foam, so the cell broken rate should be Liushibai a ratio between the retting is a key procedure to form the unique quality of Liubao tea, its purpose is to promote the role of heat retting, changes in contents, lose the bitter taste, the taste of alcohol changed, eliminate odor and green, the leaves turn to yellow deep green, retting period, to grasp the sticky juice. A unique mellow, is moderate, so are after fermentation of tea.
In the hometown of tea. Drink is put on the tile Liupu tea pot, add spring water, fire boil, slightly placed, to be lukewarm drinking, feel sweet and mellow, a stretch, spleen Xiaozhi, or good body effect, if plus the amount of winter mix drink, cure dysentery. The storage of more than five years of Chen tea, can cure the disease such as infantile convulsion. The same overnight taste Liupu tea after brewing, liquor color is not muddy, drink cool qushu.

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