What are the types of Pu’er Tea

Pu’er Tea became famous on its effect reducing weight, and is a favorite of collectors, what type then we ever know Pu’er Tea? Which of the following is a detailed introduction to the types of Pu Erh tea.
What kind of tea?
What kind of tea?
According to the preparation method is divided into raw and cooked tea. After picking tea: natural fermentation, tea is placed after years of stimulation, tea will turn gentle, good old Pu’er is usually as a system of law. Tea: Science and artificial fermentation make tea mild, so tea to drink water.
In accordance with the method of storage is divided into dry Pu erh tea and wet barn Pu’er this. Dry Pu Pu: refers to the storage in the ventilation, dry and clean warehouse, so that the natural fermentation of tea, aging 10~20 years is preferred. A usually placed in a damp place, such as a basement or cellar, to speed up the fermentation. Because tea content more damage, often have a taste or smell of wet mud, aging speed is lower than the barn Pu’er Pu’er fast dry warehouse, but prone to mildew, detrimental to human health, so we do not advocate the sale and consumption of wet barn pu’er.
Tea cake
Flat disc, of which seven cake each weight 357 grams, the unit of measurement is old: 72, each of the seven is a barrel, said 77 to forty-nine, representing the meaning of fertility, named seven cake.
The shape with the size of their jobs, each weight 100 grams, 250 grams, and now each Tuo mini – 5 grams net weight 2 grams.
Brick tea
Rectangular or square, 250 grams – most of the 1000 grams, made of this shape is mainly to facilitate transport.
Pumpkin tribute tea
Pressed into the size of a half melon shape, from 100 grams to hundreds of pounds have.
Two thousand tea
The size of the pressed tight layering type, each tea weight is heavier, hence the name: two thousand tea.
Loose tea
In the process of making tea, it has not been pressed and formed, and the tea like tea is scattered tea.
Pu’er Tea intermediate, superior goods mostly Tuocha tea cake and.

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