What are the requirements of tea for climatic conditions

Tea is a subtropical resistant perennial plants, hi hi wet, requiring annual average temperature, the average temperature during the production period are above 15 degrees celsius. In early March for more than 3D daily average temperature more than 10 DEG C, tea sprout growth, leaf fish rapidly; temperature stability in 10 degrees above, tea bud and leaf growth accelerated, and draw out new shoots; 15 ~ 20 degrees of rapid growth; 20 to 30 DEG C when the most vigorous growth, but easy to aging hence the “tea to the summer night rough”; the highest temperature is over 35 DEG C, the growth stopped; autumn and winter temperatures drop to below 10 DEG C when to stop the growth of dormancy; the minimum temperature for the different varieties of tea survival differences for 12 ~ C 8.
Water content
Water is an important part in the tea plant, tea picking process, new shoot sprouting, have tea picking, need to continuously add moisture, so the tea production requires annual rainfall of about 1500mm, monthly rainfall is more than 100mm; good irrigation condition of tea plantation, year rainfall in more than 1000mm, relative humidity about 80% is appropriate.
90% to 95% of the dry matter of tea plant is synthesized by photosynthesis. Light has a great influence on the growth of tea plant and the quality of tea. The red light and Huang Guangyi are absorbed by tea trees. At an altitude of 500 ~ 800m in Zhongshan area, with the increasing height of clouds, rainfall days also increased, and thus more diffuse light, and contained red, Huang Guangduo is conducive to the formation of amino acids and vitamins, tea bud, tender leaf fertilizer, concentrated flavor, this is the “climate cause mountain out of tea”.
Disastrous weather
Low temperature and rainy spring, summer high temperature and little rain, drought will affect the yield and quality of tea. But under the condition of high temperature and strong sunlight, the fresh leaves had higher polyphenol content.

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