What are the characteristics of Anhui Lu’an Melon Seed

Lu’an Melon Seed (also called tea), as Green Tea special tea. Lu’an Melon Seed collected from the endemic species, pull the piece, Tiqu shoots and stems of tea, tea sheet shape of seeds produced by traditional processing technology of the unique. The following is about the Anhui Lu’an Melon Seed briefly.
What are the characteristics of Anhui Lu’an Melon Seed?
What are the characteristics of Anhui Lu’an Melon Seed?
Lu’an Guapian tea has a long history and rich cultural connotation. In the early Tang Dynasty, “tea” is “Luzhou Lu’an (tea)” said Xu Guangqi in the Ming Dynasty; scientists “agricultural policy book” called “the state of Lu’an for the best piece of tea, tea”; Li Dongyang, Xiao Xian, Li Shishisan of the Ming Dynasty scholar also mentioned several times in the poem “Lu’an tea”, “seven bowls from Lu’an” Lu Yu breeze “old left by the top, to the Lu’an Melon Seed with very high evaluation; Lu’an Melon Seed was listed as a” tribute “in the Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Ci Xi had fourteen months in two; writer Cao Xueqin knew of as” a dream of Red Mansions “in more than and 80 there mentioned, especially” Miaoyu tea (Lu’an Melon Seed) “is read to a very touching; in modern times, Lu’an Melon Seed was designated as the Central Military Commission Tegong tea, founding Prime Minister Comrade Zhou Enlai on his deathbed also read chatter in Lu’an Melon Seed, former U.S. Secretary of state on 1971 first visit China, Lu’an Melon Seed also as gifts to foreign national friends. Visible, Lu’an Melon Seed has a prominent position in the history of Chinese tea. Lu’an Melon Seed is also benefiting from the well-known at all times and in all countries, its unique origin, process and quality advantages.
Place of Origin
Lu’an Melon Seed main origin is the old revolutionary base areas in Jinzhai County, the county is located in the northern part of the Dabie Mountains, clouds, mild climate, vegetation well. Lu’an Melon Seed is the real nature bred into green drinks. Picking Lu’an Melon Seed is out of the ordinary, farmers from the Lu’an branch Melon Seed shoots strong leaf, therefore, leaves of full-bodied meat, the best nutrition, is the only film to stem to bud tea in China Green Tea.
Lu’an Melon Seed made by a single leaf, without bud and stem, the straight type complete. The leaf margin revolute flat, named after the shape of seeds, green color, with white color clear green clear soup, delicious sweet alcohol, Yedi bright green, especially in the high concentrated fragrance Qin people.
Lu’an Melon Seed sampling process: picking fresh leaves to pull the sheet to sheet, bake fried (fire, small fire to pick up the hair to old).
Lu’an Melon Seed contains theophylline and caffeine, can be activated by the many roles of protein kinase and triglyceride lipase, reduce the accumulation of fat cells, so as to achieve the slimming effect.

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