Tea leaves can also work, you know.

Drink the rest of the tea residue, a lot of people, a fall of the”. As everyone knows, this is a waste of a “natural toothbrush”. As long as the bubble drink had a handful of tea residue into the mouth chewing a minute after spit out, and then water rinse the net mouth, can play the cleaning effect. Perseverance, can achieve the prevention and treatment of periodontitis and other oral diseases.
But it should be noted that the time to chew tea 1 to 2 minutes is appropriate. Because tea is also rich in tannin, easy food with tannic acid and protein, the formation of precipitation, affect the absorption of digestive tract mucosa of protein, iron and vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, excessive tannic acid can also cause constipation, so just do not swallow chewing “is the best way.
Tea tips:
Depends on physical fitness, chewing tea leaves too, Green Tea tea residue heat, detoxification of good, suitable for hot body use. This kind of person is often accompanied by constipation, halitosis, red tongue, yellow tongue fur and stomach heat performance. While the tea is relatively Black Tea resistance temperature, suitable for cold, cold, cold extremities, tongue white deficiency constitution were used.

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