Plum is suitable for tea

Meizhan originating in Anxi are clones Ashida. Plum is suitable for what kind of tea, in addition to do oolong tea, can do other tea?
What tea do you need?
What tea do you need?
Mei Zhanzhi were small trees, large leaf, is in bud, bud leaf green, less hair, mesophyll thick and crisp. More flowers, less fruit. The ability of bud growth is strong, the bud is growing rapidly, but it is easy to harden.
Meizhan tenderness is poor, so the production of Oolong Tea should tender mining, heavy sun, jogging, in order to make the full fermentation, green to pungent fragrance exudes. The quality characteristics of it: a strong, growing, tea stalk fertilizer, internode length, color green brown with dark red, red spots, yellow or orange soup color, taste mellow thick.
Mei Zhanke white tea processing, Black Tea and Green Tea, also need to adopt the tender. Black tea is also a senior material for Bai Lin. Made of baked green Green Tea white monkey, the quality is good. Made of red, Green Tea, has a unique flavor and mellow taste of orchid.
Through the above understanding, we know what to do for Meizhan tea, plum Zhanshi system wide, can be processed into tea in addition to other Pu’er Tea thought, and good quality, good taste.

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