How to properly drink Jasmine Tea

For Jasmine Tea, many people love to enjoy the Jasmine Tea shape, usually out to brew a cup of Jasmine Tea number, the share in the white paper, drinkers look Jasmine Tea colorful appearance, smell the aroma of dry Jasmine Tea, to add to the fun Jasmine Tea.
How to properly drink Jasmine Tea?
How to properly drink Jasmine Tea?
A first
Jasmine Tea after brewing after standing for a moment, can bring a tea, opened the lid on one side, with the nose smell, feel the perfume. Those who are interested, but also can be accompanied by the aroma of deep breath, in order to fully appreciate the aroma of a person’s sense of pleasure, known as “nose”.
Second drink
The smell, to tea cool taste, sip, and tea in the mouth slightly to stay, mouth breathing, nasal expiratory with action, making tea from 12 times in the flow of the tongue, taste buds and full contact, taste and aroma of tea before swallowing, this is called “export goods”. So people drink Jasmine Tea “for a drink, three for export goods”.
Finally enjoy
Special process modeling and advanced Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea bubble in the glass, while the aroma and taste of the appreciation of the beautiful dance in the cup. Or on the ups and downs, dancing; or as the unearthed bamboo shoots, silver gun or bristly; such as chrysanthemum blooming, refreshing.

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