How should drink lotus tea

Linesinine tea produced in Fuding County of Fujian Province, because of the shape of tight and thin Xianxiu, shaped like a lotus named. Not only best-selling domestic, but also exported to Southeast Asian countries, has always been welcomed by consumers at home and abroad.
How should linesinine tea drink?
How should linesinine tea drink?
With lotus tea with jasmine scenting, for “Jasmine Crescent”, also known as the “Jasmine eyebrows”, is the top grade tea. How should linesinine tea drink? This is a concern of many people.
The lotus seeds and tea together into the cup, with just boiling water, brewing more than half cup, immediately stamped, 5 minutes after drinking. After dinner drink. The head of global linesinine tea, quick drink, slightly more juice left, then bubble and then drink diluted until now. This paper consists of network and tea are original, please indicate the source.
The quality is characterized by small compact shape Xianxiu, Feng seedlings exposed, color green with yellow, like lotus pistil color, fragrance, taste fragrance containing mung bean, fresh soup, orange and green color clear, Yedi tender becomes uniform.
Bubble in the cup, two leaves relative to open, in the middle of a bud heart, like lotus petals heart, quite interesting. Lotus Qingxin detoxification, summer cooling, astringent fine hemostasis. Cure upset, vomiting blood thirsty, spermatorrhea, swollen red eyes, and the antihypertensive effect of strong.

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