Yiwu wild tea cultivation type identification

The cultivation of wild tea Wu Yi area, although the performance of leaf type common variation, but the most common appearance is: narrow leaves, leaf margin finely toothed leaves, body hypertrophy soft, main veins thick, main veins with short hair and stiff, sharp tip, because the tea of wild and leaf base usually long. The soup is smooth and thick, bubble tea after brewing 3-5 will suddenly become red. The taste is low and the degree of bitterness is low. The aroma is wide, mainly in the back of the mouth and tongue, jaw and other parts are relatively obvious, the tea aroma can reach two cheeks. Gentle and lasting. Gas sense is stronger than other tea.
Yunnan No.1 Pu’er tea
Yunnan No.1 Pu’er tea
Over the past two years, due to excessive picking, easy to have tea in the area of the performance of tea degradation, the quality of tea has become thinner, and also enhance the sense of bitterness.
The local traditional tea process, drying finished tea with the sun (there are two specific drying method, does not specify), resulting in tea tea face yellow, sunlight generated smelly, the quality of tea aroma taste loss quickly damaged.
But the real time to see, do not speak in front of the points too seriously, because the variability of wild tea is very strong, I can only be more common, summed up the main characteristics, generally can cover more than 70% of the actual situation. Details can not be exhaustive.
2014 static No. 1 Pu’er tea
2014 static No. 1 Pu’er tea
True to the tea area, you will understand, even if the same wild tea tree, above the leaves will have 3, 4 different forms. The tea plantations due to asexual reproduction, genetic stability, basically the appearance of the same species is very uniform.
How to identify Yi wild tea?. Be careful not to the above details too seriously in real time choosing tea. Therefore, it is impossible to make the appearance of wild tea as a unified requirement. However, the same hill, the taste of tea is basically the same. Tea tea due to asexual reproduction, genetic stability, the same kind of tea raw materials are basically the same as a long, very difficult to produce variation.

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