The water will be more fragrant tea

Sage Lu Yu wrote in the “tea” in the water, with mountains and rivers, the river, the water under. Different blisters out of the tea has a different taste, want to soak a pot of good tea, choose the right water is very necessary. Today we take a look at how to choose water, tea.
1 what kind of water for tea?
Mineral water
Too much mineral water, commonly known as high hardness water. With such bubbles out of the tea dark colors, aroma, refreshing taste not significantly decreased, not suitable for tea.
Low mineral content, commonly known as soft water, easy to show the essence of tea, is suitable for tea water.
Water without disinfectant
If the water contains disinfectant, such as “chlorine”, before drinking can use activated carbon filter. The obvious disinfectant taste and tea quality direct interference.
High water content
The air content in water, high water, good tea taste and volatile, strong activity. The general said the “living water” to make tea, mainly because of the high water content of air. The water can not be added because of hard boiled, boiled for a long time, the content of air dissolved in water will decrease.
Impurities and low levels of water
These two items as small as possible, generally high density water filtration equipment can be isolated, bacteria can also eliminate the use of high temperature.
The 2 tea water temperature control
Different types of tea need different water temperature:
Low temperature (70-80 degrees), Longjing, Spring Snail used to brew tea with tender.
The temperature (80-90 degrees), used to brew and shoot Oolong Tea pekoe oolong tea product, etc. adopt open face leaf Green Tea etc..
High temperature (90-100 degrees), used to brew collect Oolong Tea mainly face leaves, such as bag, frozen, etc. tieguanyin.
3 the relationship between water temperature and quality of tea tea
From the taste of tea, different performance: such as Green Tea too hot water brewing tea, fresh feeling should be reduced; if too low, Tieguanyin Narcissus aroma brewing water, lift up, masculine style show due out.
The release rate and release soluble difference speed: high temperature, release rate and speed will be increased, otherwise reduced. The influence factors of the control of tea concentration, which is equal to the amount of tea, the proportion of water, high water temperature, to achieve the required concentration time is short; the water temperature is low, required a long time.
Bitter taste of the strong and weak control: high water temperature, bitter taste will be strengthened; low water temperature, bitter taste will be weakened. So bitter taste too strong tea, can reduce the water temperature to improve the. Bitter taste is too strong tea, in addition to water temperature, the time of immersion should be shortened; in order to achieve the required concentration, the former must increase the amount of tea, or extend the time, the latter must increase the amount of tea.
“Water is the mother of tea”, good water can make good tea. Therefore, everyone in the day after drinking tea, also should choose the appropriate water to make tea, can taste the real taste of tea.

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