The effect, function and taboo of rose tea

Rose file
Alias: flowers, roses, wandering through the assassin
Aroma: elegant fragrance
Taste: sweet, slightly bitter, warm
Meridian tropism: liver and spleen meridians
The rose is rich in a variety of natural vitamins and 108 kinds of natural minerals, 18 kinds of amino acids and essential and toxin removing and nourishing ingredients, which contain rose essential oil can promote bile secretion, effectively remove free radicals, eliminate pigment spots, the youthful vitality, and has very good health care function of ovary and the uterus of women.
Chinese medicine believes that rose the most obvious effect is Qi stagnation, blood stasis and relieving pain. In addition, the rose resistance is very mild, can be temperature dependent heart and liver blood, body fat Shu Qi, calming, soothing, anti depression effect.
Effect and function of rose tea
Rose tea is mild, flower shaped beautiful, pink color, aroma elegant and charming, entrance sweet soft and not greasy, can ease the mood, relieve depression, it is suitable for the usual busy work and suffering from “office politics” workers drinking.
Rose tea and beautifying effect, a female friend drinking approach can remove dark spots on the skin, make the skin whitening natural.
Rose Tea taboo
Rose has the role of convergence, constipation is not suitable for drinking. Due to rose blood circulation stasis, so pregnant women, menorrhagia women’s menstrual period is not suitable for drinking.

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