The difference between the Chinese globeflower and honeysuckle

Trollius and honeysuckle total people thought it was a flower, although there are Qingrejiedu medicine, but the flower shape and growth environment are greatly different, today with pictures to introduce. You can also add my WeChat, I prefer to love and love flowers and friends with the exchange
Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle in the autumn and summer flowering, although not old leaf litter, but in its axil and clustered new leaves and new leaves Shizi red Ling, winter is not adjustable, so they called it “”. Said, honeysuckle in late spring and early summer flowering. Flower color is white yellow, yellow and white matched, hence called “honeysuckle”.
Honeysuckle has strong adaptability, Xiyang, shade, cold resistant, resistant to drought and wet, lax to edaphic requirement, but with deep moist, fertile sandy soil grow best, honeysuckle is often used as medicine, with Qingrejiedu, evacuation of wind heat, cooling blood to stop diarrhea, blood fire, eliminating effect of pharynx the diaphragm. The drug is used to play the most convenient tea.
Trollflower aka dry lotus, also known as Lu Dilian. The lotus is known as the perfect gentleman, known as the Longjing lotus flowers. Can be seen in its place. Non ordinary flowers comparable, mainly the value of this species is difficult to grow, the environment and temperature requirements are very strict. This flower is fond of cool cool wet environment, grow more than 1800 meters above sea level in alpine meadow or sparse forest zone. Trollflower Hardy, perennial survival at 2-15 degrees Celsius.
Trollflower very expensive, high medicinal value, can detoxify, treating tonsillitis, otitis media,. For acute and chronic tonsillitis, acute otitis media, acute tympanitis, acute conjunctivitis, acute lymphangitis. Mainly to breath tract infection very good curative effect, can eyesight. The most convenient method is also exert its function is used to make tea.
High quality of honeysuckle and lotus flowers to buy some fresh flowers baking, namely through scenting process of tea series. The taste of tea and oil content were higher than that of dried flowers.
Because the two flowers are cold flowers, so you can not drink alone for a long time. In particular, stomach deficiency constitution more cautiously. In the choice of tea can be used to collocation medlar, jujube, the modulation into the warming of tea, in the exercise of its medicinal value at the same time, let the body better.
I personally love two flowers of Trollius, in addition to love her unique fragrance, the most important thing is to love her in the water of the United states. The golden color, with white and red Mount Huangshan chrysanthemum, Chinese wolfberry, the overall color looks so elegant, cool, not dyed earth. Shake the cup, the whole looks like a flower garden in the sea.

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