Tea: euphemism elegant tea

When idle, a cup of tea, tea quietly elegant euphemism in cool tea, accompanied by the faint fragrance yunrun treatment, mood tends to silence, no longer for the social world Fuzao a lament! No longer the nature of secular services while chasing fame. The universe is great, but I like. The only stop in the heart that a elegant and Satuo.
The tea is very strange, grown in the dry and cold, and after a plate manufacturing process, achieving, rolling, piling, after Gaoping and rubbing, and others have criticized delivered from oppression, brewing after boiling water.
Ordinarily, the tea filled with hostility and the vicissitudes of life, can you see it through the appearance, smell fragrance, the water was a clear. As in the clear white report you “without suffering not Buddha” principle.
So, winter, and tea meet, without trying persuading, also need not to sad and depressed feeling tangle, calmly brew a pot of tea, watching the rolling spread, it has experienced the story, they melt in the fragrance and clarity of the tea in the halo. It does not say, you can know.
Your story, you don’t say, it seems to know. Animatism, put it after suffering tea into a delicate fragrance and sweet, and unreservedly to contribute to the tea drinkers, frank and generous, it is not good?
Find a small world, sincere heart to brew a pot of tea, narrowing of the eyes can hear the cicadas, bird song, if only to hear the roar of the wheel, racket, it doesn’t matter, quietly sipping warm fragrance, the roar into the valley breeze, it became a forest happy, the heart not stir disturbance can be not far away.
Once the interference and pulled out of the interval, like a mess of a group of tightening at leisure, smoothly done or easily solved is not far away. A pot of tea to the tea as people saw the end of hills and rivers mountains multiply and streams double back.
Tea drink good tea, refreshed by people, but to the tea is over there, you mortals tired, again for a silence.

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