Scented tea is introduced

A, Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea is composed of tea and jasmine flowers close together, it is beautiful, rich aroma, fresh and refreshing brewing and drinking alcohol. Efficacy: drink Jasmine Tea, Liver eyesight, convenient water, lowering blood pressure, anti senility.
Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea
Two kinds of common tea, rose tea
Rose tea tea is one of the female friends love, a kind of tea is the most common, after brewing the tea roses, exudes fragrance, give people the feeling refreshed. Efficacy: rose is a kind of precious medicinal herbs, beauty beauty, has obvious curative effect to cardiovascular, hypertension, heart disease and gynecology.
Rose Tea
Rose Tea
Three kinds of common tea, honeysuckle tea
Honeysuckle honeysuckle belongs to C then this plant, on the market there are two kinds of honeysuckle, honeysuckle is a fresh and a small amount of Green Tea spell and, another with a dry or dried honeysuckle and Green Tea fight and become, these two kinds of honeysuckle tea have effect of honeysuckle, is a health beverage for all ages.
Efficacy: honeysuckle tea with Qingrejiedu, refreshing Chufan effect, but honeysuckle resistance cold, not suitable for long-term drinking, especially the cold body of friends.
Four kinds of common tea, Peony Tea
Peony tea is made of black peony, peony red and white peony petals made of three, due to the production process of Peony Tea complex is exquisite, and the cost is high, so now in circulation is not much.
Efficacy: regular drinking of peony tea can make plenty of blood, ruddy, have the beauty of colour, in addition to some facial chloasma, skin aging patients also have certain improvement effect.

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