Make tea commonly used six kinds of water

The spring water
Spring water mostly from the mountains of rock. The mountains lush vegetation, rocks from the fault trickle of drops of the spring, rich in carbon dioxide and various trace elements beneficial to human body; and through the gravel filter water, clean water crystal, chlorine, iron compounds such as little tea this spring, can make the tea color flavor the best shape.
But it is not the spring water can be used to make tea, such as sulfur mineral water is not making tea. On the other hand, spring water is not available, therefore, for most people, depending on the condition and only likely to select appropriate tea products.
The river and lake
It is surface water, containing more impurities, turbidity is high, generally speaking, the tea is difficult to obtain good results, but to stay away from people, but also a land of lush vegetation, fewer pollutants, such as river, lake, the water is still a good tea. Such as Zhejiang Tonglu Fuchun River, Chunan lake, Shaoxing Jianhu water is an example. Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty in the “tea” said: “the river, take people away”. That’s what it means. The Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi said in the poem: “SHUSHUI sent to but a new shock, Wei Decoction to begin to feel that the Wei Zhen”, green tea is very good. The Tang Dynasty Li Qunyu said: “Wu Xiang Ou green flower”, said Xiangshui Sencha is not bad. Xu Cishu in the Ming Dynasty “tea Shu” further said: “the Yellow River water from the sky. Turbidity is ashen, Cheng net, spontaneous fragrance”. Even if the muddy mixed the Yellow River water, as long as the clarification, the same can also make tea soup flavor high alcohol. In this case, the ancient times, the same is true of modern.
The snow and rain water
The ancients called “spring”, especially snow, is more respected by the ancients. The Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi’s “snow fried tea”, “wrote Xin Qiji of the Song Dynasty tea tea fine snow”, “Xie Yuan Soka night sweep cold English cooking green dust”, Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty “sweeping new snow timely cooked”, is about the snow making tea.
As for the rain, generally speaking, from time to time: rain, hot air, less dust, water taste, chilly rain in rainy weather, top grade; dull, rainy, water taste “sweet and smooth”, relatively less; Xia Yu, thunderstorms, water taste “flying sand and rolling pebbles, like” water net. But whether it is snow or rain, as long as the air is not polluted, compared with the river, the lake, the water is always relatively clean, good tea. Unfortunately, in many areas, especially in industrial areas due to industrial soot, odor pollution, the snow and rain water also changed, a kind of go.
The wells
Belong to groundwater, suspended solids content, high transparency. But it is shallow groundwater, especially the city wells, is susceptible to environmental pollution, used to make tea, tea flavor loss. So, if we can draw live well water to make tea, can also have a nice cup of tea bubble. Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty “tea” said “wells pumping more”, the Ming Dynasty Lu Shusheng “fried tea seven class” in speaking of the “multi wells drain, drain more water to live, this is what I meant to say. The “Ming Jiao Hong Yu Tang Cong Yu”, Dou Guangnai of the Qing Dynasty, Zhu Yun water “on them are mentioned in the” smell test Beijing Wenhua East Pao wells, Qingming, taste sweet was the palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations of drinking water. Fujian Nanan Guanyin wells, was now in the Song Dynasty tea water.
The tap water
It contains chlorine used to disinfect, etc., in the water for a long time, but also contains more iron. When the iron ion content in water is more than 5/10000, will make the soup is brown, while chloride and tea polyphenols in the role, and will cause the formation of a “rust oil” tea surface, drink a bitter taste. So use tap water for tea. The best container with no pollution, the first day of storage, to be distributed after chlorine or by boiling tea, water purifier water purification, so you can become good tea water.
Pure water.
The progress of modern science, the use of multi-layer filtration and ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis technology, can be converted into ordinary drinking water does not contain any impurities in pure water, and the pH of the water to neutral. The bubble tea, not only because of good purity, high transparency, brewed tea aroma and crystal clear, pure taste, no taste, mellow and refreshing. Pure water a lot of brands on the market, most of them are advised to make tea. In addition to pure water, mineral water and fine texture is also good tea water.

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