Know Pu’er tea know old class chapter to understand old man

1400 years old man-e copycat.
Brown mountain is the only country in the country of Brown, but also the ancient six
Brown is one of the major tea, family residence, the ancient Pu people,
It was the first country to plant tea. Among them, the oldest old man
E village has a history of 1400 years, the village has more than 140 people
Home, more than and 600 people, are Brown.
Brown, Meng Shan township jurisdiction ang chapter, Xinlong and Manchester, Ji Nan
In Chapter 7, Mann, class of villagers’ committees, 51 Village
Group, the total population of 17843 people. Brown has more than 12000 acres of ancient Shan
Tea, mainly distributed in the old class, the new class, old man-e,
Manchester, PA, Manchester waxy, Manchester Manchester, eight Xinlong Nan Lao Zhai and Ji Liang
And other villagers group, another Taiwan (slope) to more than 18000 acres of tea plantations
The township and widely distributed wild tea and sweet tea, for the production of high quality Pu
Provide high-quality raw materials to protect Er tea.
The Brown family is Baipu descendants, they have lived in cloth
Long hill, is the world’s first cultivation, production and consumption of tea
Nation。 Brown mountain tea clear soup color, strong tea
Jin, bitter, sweet, and strong rhyme foot, with honey
With a unique flavor, sweet candy (because of its unique flavor, we
Called old man-e incense), remove greasy, is not more than Pu’er Tea
Rare gourmet.
Old man-e, is a Brown family village, which has a history of more than 1 thousand
For years, the village of more than and 140 people, mainly by planting management
More than 3 thousand acres of ancient tea tree. Man-e in Menghai County of Yunnan Province
Deep in the mountains of Brown, there are a wide variety of plant diversity
The source, coupled with lush forests makes the climate here is not
Often and the growth of tea, while Brown is old man-e
One of the earliest planting tea trees in China
A long history of tea making. The old man of the ancient tea trees are mostly in Mindanao
500–1000 years, more than 40 cm in diameter
Often, some ancient tea trees grow more complicated and difficult to deal with, Qiu Jin
Some branches, up to more than and 10 meters high, with a bamboo ladder and tea picking tea
By picking up stakes. Old man: the old man e e village can be said that the entire Brown mountain, the largest and oldest Brown nationality villages. The old man e tea
The local people will be very bitter, the old man and the Brown e tea area from the old man e tea known as tea introduction and reproduction. Here are some tea and corresponding sweet tea, is said to be
Bitter, villagers are generally retained to drink their own. The old man e tea as the odd bitter, which acts as a processing Pu’er Tea MSG: many tea and tea merchants in the production and processing of tea cakes when,
The old man often use e tea blending, to improve and enrich the taste and taste of tea.

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