How to choose and buy tea

For tea plants, the market can buy mostly dry products. Herbal tea variety, quality is uneven, if it is the first time to buy tea, the best choice of quality inspection qualified, have the good reputation of the tea brand, more at ease. We drink tea for the purpose of health, so it is best to find a pure natural herbal tea, ensure products are not sulfur smoked, so as not to cause harm to the body.
Herbal tea efficacy: before buying, you can ask the sales staff to understand the flavor and efficacy of a variety of herbal tea, and to assess the needs of individuals, to choose their own physical and herbal tea drink. Because, unlike tea or tea, green tea contains caffeine, so there will be no insomnia or injury to the stomach and other side effects.
Observation of herbal tea appearance: Although the market selling herbal tea after the drying process, but should still maintain the original color of the plant, if the tea plants have color, not expired, is damp, not fresh flowers; also look at whether the full. The most important is the selection of relatively fresh goods, to try to choose natural fresh color, moisture and impurities free products.
The smell of flowers and tea: smell the flavor of the tea plants. Fresh flowers and tea with flowers and natural herbal tea aroma, herbal tea does not taste if you feel natural or not, it is likely to add artificial flavors, so before buying, it is best to first understand the taste of herbal tea, so as not to buy artificially flavored herbal tea.
Pay attention to the price of tea
The tea price gap greatly. In general, variety is the direct factors influencing the price of tea; tea tea origin also affect the price, also is affecting the price of the main planting patterns, such as natural planting than pesticides planting cost is much higher, because there is no drug intervention production rate will be greatly reduced, the cost will naturally increase.

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