Fresh tea and tea Chen what are the difference

Tea and tea Chen is compared, in practice, will be the first of several groups of fresh leaves from the tea picking in the spring of that year, the processing of tea, known as tea. But there will be the year of acquisition and processing of tea, known as tea; and the previous year or even longer and the processing of tea, even keeping strict properly, tea is good, also referred to as Chen tea.
For many varieties of tea, tea compared with Chen tea, tea is good to behoove. Tea to new, drink to Chen, which is a long time for people to drink tea summary. Mentioned the Song Dynasty Tang Geng Ji “in the” tea: “I smell tea group had to ask, ask your new water wells to the river, you live.” Aroma of tea, gives a fresh feeling, called its fresh fragrant”. The following year Chen tea, whether color or taste, there is always a sense of smell fragrant Shen Hui “. This is because the tea during storage, in light, heat, water and gas under the action of some acids, esters, alcohols, and vitamins have slow oxidation or condensation of other compounds has nothing to do with the tea quality formation, and effective quality components in tea people need decreases finally, the tea aroma form not conducive toward the direction of the development of the quality of tea, tea production, color Chen Weihe Chen Chen qi.
However, not all the tea is tea than Chen Chahao. Some tea varieties suitable for some time, but it seems better. For example, some new processing of tea, such as West Lake Longjing Tea, Qiqiang, Dongting Spring Snail, Mo Huangya, Gu Zhuzi bamboo, etc., if the lime cylinder storage 1 ~ 2 months, then, the soup color is still clear, fresh and pure taste the same delicious, green leaf green run does not change, but without storing the smell of grass with gas, the short-term storage has a sense of pure fragrance. And as the rich in Fujian Wuyi next year, Chen tea aroma fragrance, taste mellow instead; Hunan tea, Hubei tea, Chinese Guangxi tea, Yunnan Pu’er Tea, if stored properly, not only will not deteriorate, even can improve the quality of tea. This is because the tea in the storage process of the two main form smell a slow aging tea is formed when Chen gas, two is formed due to a small amount of gas mold, two gas phase, harmony, the result is a new fragrance for people welcome.
How to identify tea with Chen tea? This can be from the following aspects to identify:
(1) color: in the storage process of tea, due to the role of oxygen and light in the air, so that the formation of some of the color of the tea color of the slow decomposition of the pigment. Such as Green Tea chlorophyll decomposition results, the color of tea by the green green gradually grew grey yellow. Green Tea more content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) resulting from oxidation of theabrownin, make tea become clear malacosoma. The effect of oxidation, high quality Black Tea theaflavins decomposition or polymerization, and auto oxidation of tea polyphenols results will make Black Tea by tea when Ukraine run into grey brown.
(2) the taste: Chen tea because tea esters produced by the oxidation of aldehydes in a volatile, condensate or insoluble in water, the water soluble effective components is reduced, so that the taste of tea by the rich become weak; at the same time, because the oxidation of amino acids in tea decarboxylation and deamination, the result of the tea fresh taste weakened become dull”.
(3) aroma: due to the oxidation, condensation and slow volatilization of aroma compounds, the tea leaves become low turbidity.
The above differences, is more tea varieties. Moreover, the storage conditions are good, the difference will be relatively narrow. As for some tea, after storage quality is not reduced, it’s different.

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