Yunnan puer tea

Puer tea (scientific name: Camellia assamica (Mast.) Chang), big trees, up to 16 meters, twigs have fuzz, crown has white pilose.Leaves heavy leather quality, elliptic, dry brown above green, slightly shiny, light green, below the villous on the rib, the remaining pubescent, old leaves go bald;Lateral veins 8-9 for in the above.The flowers are altar, pilose.Bracts 2, early fall.Sepals 5, suborbicular, outside glabrous.Petals 6-7, obovate, glabrous.Stamens 8-10 mm long, distinct, glabrous.Ovary 3 room, is fuzzy;Style 8 mm long, apex 3 crack.Capsules oblate spherical triangle.Seeds per room 1, suborbicular, 1 cm in diameter.
Puer tea mainly produced in yunnan xishuangbanna, lincang, pu and other regions.Pu ‘er tea brewing techniques and drinking art, its rich drinking method, as well as clear water, also can be mixed drinks.Aromas puer tea, orange, yellow, cell, unique scent, flavor thick alcohol, durable resistant foam.
Brewing method
For tea:When brewing tea, for the size of the amount of tea and tea drinking habits, brewing methods, characteristics of tea have close relations, abound change.In terms of yunnan people drinking tea habit, when leave root making method is adopted, the normal tea brewing quality, for the quality of tea and water than the average 1:40 or airport.If using “kung fu” bubble method and amount of tea can be appropriately increased, through controlling the tempo of the brew to adjust the concentration of tea liquor.In terms of tea sex, levels of tea also have change.Such as tea, tea can be appropriately increased, Chen raw tea, fresh tea reduced and so on.
Brewing tea, tea set should be blunt a hot water first, known as “XiCha”.”XiCha” concept in the Ming dynasty, “tea spectrum (Ming dynasty),” “every tea cooking, tea leaves in hot soup to wash, go to the grime, air conditioning, cook is beauty.”For tea, “XiCha” this process is necessary.Because most of the puer tea is drunk the next year or even several years.”XiCha” pay attention to grasp the rhythm, put an end to “XiCha” or high temperature for a long time many times “XiCha”, reducing the cost of tea.Tea set appropriate chooses big belly, the because of high concentrations of puer tea with big belly can avoid the tea too thick, material appropriate chooses ceramic POTS, are recommended.After the second shade selection can according to individual be fond of.Pu-erh tea can also be cold drinks
Master of tea tea water temperature: the water plays an important role.High temperature for divergence of fragrance, for fast extraction of tea.But also easy to rush out an indication, high temperature scald part of high-grade tea.The water temperature of high and low for tea.For example, the material is coarse bread brick tea, tea and tea Chen etc. Suitable for boiling water;Material is high-grade tender flower tea, such as the new palace in pu), upscale blue cake is suitable for proper cooling brewing.Avoid high temperature will tender tea boiled become “tea”.In the brewing of high-grade new oolong tea, in addition to the direct cooling, still can pass without lid or high boiling water rushed to reduce the water temperature, avoid the tea and boiled water condition.
Brewing time: brewing duration control, the purpose is to let aroma and taste of tea show fully accurate.Due to the particularity of the production process and material selection of yunnan puer tea, decided the way of brewing methods and the length of the brewing time.Chen long, coarse tea brewing tea, fresh tea, delicate tea brewing time is short;Manual rolling tea brewing time is long, the mechanical rolling tea brewing time is short;Compressed tea brewing time is long, loose tea brewing time is short.

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