Xinyang maojian tea

Xinyang maojian tea is also called yu maofeng tea, green tea.Is one of the top ten famous tea in China, henan province famous specialties.By han Chinese tea farmers in the early years of the republic of China.Main producing area in xinyang and hsin-hsien, shangchengcounty and in dabie mountain area.Xinyang maojian tea is more than “thin, round, smooth, straight, pekoe, fragrance, taste thick, green” unique style, oneself have a thirst, blessed are bright eye, refreshing, to greasy xiaoshi, and other nutritional value.Xinyang maojian tea brands for many years in the third Chinese tea area public brand value.On the 1915 world’s fair in panama exposition, with guizhou maotai xinyang maojian tea brand in 1990 to participate in the national competition, obtains the comprehensive quality of green tea first.Xinyang maojian tea is known as the “king of the green tea”.
Brewing method
Using pure water and glassware, according to personal taste, whether on the maojian tea.Drinks the first rinse tea set, and then put in the maojian tea;XiCha brewed in 85 ℃ water shaking the cup clean and then pour out the water, then add water brew.Half a minute before drinking, tea drink to add water drink a third.Continue to add water to drink to tea.Can generally be drinking three to five times.

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