Tunxi Jane eyebrow tea

Tunxi Jane eyebrow tea Hereinafter referred to as “tunl”, it is the floorboard of the new-type roasted green tea from the anhui tunxi area.
“Tunl” is short for anhui tunxi green tea.There are many people regard it as one of the gourmet tea tea.A leading producer of anhui ning, rapidly, s&d, jixi, ningguo, etc.Because history in tunxi processing and output, the name “tunl”.The tea of the rope tightly, and is solid enough, colour and lustre is green, green Ming after brewing, aroma gao, elegant taste thick is the famous Chinese green tea.”Tunl” is a traditional class, shai tunl is also called the “traditional” long.Originated in pine, tea was prepared, its practices varieties Jane eyebrow, GongXi, needle, the rain, tea, show eyebrow, green pieces and 6 18 different levels of design and color, moreover can also pits jasmine, chloranthus, yulan, of daidai, osmanthus flowers, rose scented tea, etc.”Tunl” in the Ming wanli period (1573 ~ 1620) the first bottle in the international market, has been exported to Europe and the United States in 1913.Once known as “leading tea”, “green gold”.
Brewing method
General tea and water with 1:50 advisable, most can reflect the beverage quality.Water is very weak, tea of the bitter.It is advisable to make tea water temperature at 85 ~ 90, of course, inspects the tea tightness.Choose tea set on see, there is a modern glass and traditional white porcelain bowl.The glass is more intuitive, can appreciate the clear tea soup and green buds, with good visual effect, but when being inconvenient to take, easy to hot.White porcelain with supporting bowl or cup is more appropriate, neither affect aroma is lost, and is easy to take, not hot.

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