The old bamboo is natural tea

In the history of old bamboo is natural tea, shop called bamboo, generous, kao and bamboo leaves and easy, rapidly originating in huangshan city in anhui province and the cool and refreshing peak area (old bamboo shop), three Yang pit, jinchuan region machining process for booth green, editing, rolling, mold, plastic, kao flat, hui pan, finishing drying sector green tea made of specific process, with “color green, incense high, green, like bamboo, flat fell smooth” quality characteristics.
Brewing method
The first step: hot cup, eli tea aroma.The second step: after hot cup, appropriate temperature of water into the cup first, and then take tea, is not sealed.At this time the tea slowly sinking, absorb moisture, dry tea leaves, the budding leaf leaf ecru, Ye Ruqi bud is like a gun.Step 3: after a period of time, the beverage cooler to sweetness that tea.This is a bubble.Tea in the review, on the basis of five minutes, tea drinking and wen xiang’s temperature is 45 to 55 c.If above 60 c, hot hot mouth, and nose.Less than 40 c, aroma is relatively low, flavour is acerbity.This time is not easy to control.As with the glass, with holding a cup, temperature is suitable to drink;If use tureen, slightly a brew poured a little to the back of hand to check the temperature.Completely depend on experience, so practice is the most important.The fourth step: the first bubble of tea liquor, it is more than a third, but add water.This is the second bubble.If a fat tea tea, the tea soup is thick, drink the sweet tongue after this, the tooth cheek color, aftertaste endless.

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