Taiping monkey chief tea

Taiping monkey chief, traditional Chinese tea, Chinese history, one of the famous tea belongs to a kind of tea, green tea produced in anhui TaiPing County (now changed to huangshan huangshan city area), for the tea of need, and the reputation.Its appearance two leaf bud, flat straight, natural stretch, pekoe hidden, there are “monkey chief, pointed at both ends and do not come loose not become warped edge” of reputation.The chemical composition of tea contains 500 kinds of has antibacterial, bacteriostasis, weight loss function, prevent caries to inhibit cancer cells, and so on.Qing xianfeng (1859), the monkey chief fathers Zheng Shouqing in MaChuan river in the mountains for a piece of tea plantations, produce flat straight, the fragrance of fresh green and send out a fragrance of orchids “tea”, named “taiping pointed tea”.Now, the monkey chief tea industry is generally believed that “taiping pointed tea” is the predecessor of the taiping monkey chief.In 2004, on the international tea abundantmeeting “tea king” title.
The method of brewing
Taiping monkey chief as a variety of green tea, compared with other tea, sweet aftertaste, taiping monkey chief the beverage brew even if placed too much quantity of tea will not bitter, and other tea kind if brew placed too much will be bitter, and taiping monkey chief brewing up more simple.Below is the taiping monkey chief simple brewing method:1, brewing tea set can choose on a straight shape of glass (cup selection can be tureen, violet arenaceous small pot, purple sand pot etc.), so in the brewing process can enjoy tea process of stretch in the water.2, 3 to 5 grams of tea out of the bag into a cup, tea can be the root of the place down.3, 90 degrees Celsius, the boiled water, brewing for the first time don’t be too full, add to the end of the half, such as tea slowly stretching,4, tea stretches almost second boiling water is added in, wait a few minutes, there is not much difference in temperature to wait for the beverage drinks.When being don’t one-time drink, all the rest around a third, to the back of the brew.

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