Junshan island silver needle tea

Junshan island silver needle tea is one of the famous tea in China.From hunan yueyang junshan island of dongting lake, shape such as needle, therefore junshan island silver needle.Belong to the yellow tea.Length and buds, the finished product size uniform, buds like golden yellow, outer pekoe revealed complete, and solid, buds appearance is like needles of a root, confusing “inset jades”.”Dust to inset jades color, sichuan dongting good months.”Junshan island tea has a long history, has the production, the famous tang dynasty.It is said that princess wencheng married junshan island when they choose with the silver needle tea into Tibet.
Brewing method
Brew junshan island silver needle, is better to clear mountain spring water, tea set appropriate with transparent glass, glass height 10 ~ 15 cm, 4 ~ 6 cm in diameter at the top.With every cup of tea for 3 g, shape the landscape are unfavorable to enjoy tea too much and too little.Brewing process is as follows:(1) tea.Ingesting a small amount of junshan island with teaspoon silver needle, put in clean enjoy tea tray, for guests to viewing.(2) clean is provided.Preheat cup with boiling water, clean the tea set, and drink water, in order to avoid buds water absorption and reduce the rate of buds erect.(3) tea.Use teaspoon gently extracted from the tea pot junshan island about 3 grams of silver needle, into the cup to bubble.(4) high.Around 70 ℃ in the kettle boiling water, use the force of the water, after the first fast slow into cups, to 1/2, the buds.Later, and then rushed to seven eight cup so far.To make buds even water, accelerate the sink when available glass lid on the cup, after 5 minutes, remove the glass cover plates.Under the action of water and heat, tea appearance shape, the buds of ups and downs, the occurrence of air bubbles, etc., are rare when other tea, this is the unique atmosphere of junshan island silver needle tea.(5) serve tea.Brewing about 10 minutes later, can start drinking.Hands a cup at this moment, the courtesy to guests.

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