Huangshan maofeng tea

Huangshan maofeng tea is one of the top ten famous tea in China, belongs to the green tea.Originated in anhui province huangshan mountain (huizhou), so also called hui tea.By the qing dynasty emperor guangxu years Xie Yu created by the great tea.Annual qingming gu yu, form of thoroughbred tea tree “huangshan mountain”, “huangshan with big leaves” fat buds at the beginning of the show, the manual making, the tea micro volume, shape looks like finches tongue, yellow, green, silver baekho evident, and with a golden fish (commonly known as gold pieces).Into the top cup brew the fog, the tang limpid blue light yellow, yellow green leaves has the vigor, taste glycol, aroma like orchid, lasting appeal.Body due to the new system tea pekoe, bud peak mountain, and the fresh leaves collected from huangshan mountain peak, hence the named tea, huangshan maofeng tea.
Brewing method
Huangshan maofeng tea drinking, and brew water temperature to 80 ℃ advisable, glass or white porcelain teacup, but add water brew commonly 2-3 times.Brew huangshan maofeng tea has the following points are worthy of note, otherwise, even the finest huangshan maofeng tea bubble is not a good taste.Scale:Is tea shade. Shading of the direct reaction to the right, enables us to taste the tea color and fragrance, at the same time, the appropriate shade for the tea material leaching is influential, this not only affect the tea color, aroma, taste, also affect the tea effect to human body.Shading can scientific measuring, but few people to ignore the index at ordinary times, still want to hold, is generally appropriate light shoulds not be strong.Generally said, general green tea, tea and water ratio of the weight of the appearance.Commonly used white porcelain cup, every cup of tea can be put on 3 g.Generally the glass, the 2 grams per cup can be put.Water temperature: the different requirements in different water temperature, tea should be depending on the level of different kinds of tea.In general, black tea, green tea, oolong tea in boiling water or is good can make the effective ingredients in tea rapidly leaching.Some tenderness, high green tea, such as huangshan maofeng tea, and west lake longjing, application of 80 ℃ to 90 ℃ of boiling water, make tea green cui bright, aroma, taste pure ethylene glycol.Time: generally, that is, 3 to 10 minutes.For a long time not only tea tastes good, also easy to soak tea adverse to human body material.After the huangshan maofeng tea in the cup, pour a small amount of boiling water first, submerged tea for degrees, with 3 minutes, then add boiling water seven eighty percent full can be hot drinks.Water temperature is high, the amount of tender tea, tea, the brewing time is shorter;On the other hand, the time should be longer.General build 3 minutes after brewing, inclusion leaching 55% in tea, the aroma play is normal, the tea is the best.Times: 3 to 4 times, as the saying goes: “head of water, two tea, three four way to climb.”Mean to recommend the brewing tea is not the best, drink of the second, just drink water to three, four.When drinking tea, general cup tea with a third left, should add boiling water, this can maintain appropriate concentration of tea.

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