Enshi high curative value of tea

Enshi high curative value belongs to green tea produced in hubei enshi “plantain township in southern and eastern suburb, this text has called” jade green, “because of its fresh and refreshing fragrance, appearance of tight circle is smooth, colour and lustre is green green embellish, hair white jade, so the name” high curative value “.Its process is: the steamed green, fan dry moisture, shovel head hair, rolling, shovel at the fire, fire plastic polish (technique is: hug, rub, end,), choose seven steps.With antioxidant, enhance immunity, lower blood pressure, prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD).
Brewing method
Water temperature at around 80 °, with boiled water a little into wet tea cups, buds began to swell after absorbing water, like a bamboo shoots ground, willow TuLu, moistens everything silently.Practise medicine high rushed to make tender buds in the cup tumbling spin, from top to bottom ups and downs.Under the brew of hot water, buds on it, slowly settling cup bottom, like rain falling, fragrance and refreshing.Looked bright.Look beautiful and bright, various of buds with wave shaking in the glass.

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