Luan GuaPian tea

Luan GuaPian tea, traditional Chinese tea history, one of China top ten famous tea, hereinafter referred to as GuaPian, tea, regarding luan from anhui dabie mountain area, tang said “LuZhou luan tea”, as the famous tea;Ming beginning called “luan GuaPian”, top grade, tea;Qing dynasty gong tea.
Luan GuaPian for green tea special tea.”Has a long history and rich cultural connotation. All the tea in the world, luan GuaPian is the only tea, no bud terrier is made from a single piece of leaf. To bud not only keep single chip form, and no grass flavor; already lignification stems in the production process, after excluding, ensures that tea strong but not bitter, sweet and not astringent. Whenever the luan GuaPian gu yu ten days before and after picking, picking you take 2, 3 leaf,” and “not” tender “.
Brewing method
1. Brewing luan GuaPian should enjoy the tea before, appreciate the dry tea color, fragrance, form and appreciate the natural charm of luan GuaPian, feel a pure product of nature.2.Luan GuaPian brew should be twice and brewing tea temperature at 80 degrees, with a little water first warm tea, light cup or teapot, tea aroma into full play.3.Luan GuaPian avoid by all means is brewed in boiling hot water, the water temperature is too high will make luan GuaPian tea, tea soup become yellow, taste also follow to become bitter, taste is not pure.4.For the beverage can drink warm, not hot mouth, sip, drinking should be small mouth to taste slowly swallowing, it can fully taste of luan GuaPian charm and pure taste.5.Luan GuaPian head tea should savor its taste and aroma, tea soup should continue when the remaining one-third of water water, the tea is the most strong, oneself after drink the sweet, fragrant, the tooth cheek at ease of body and mind, fun.

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