YingShan cloud tea

“Cloud YingShan tea” which are found in the dabie mountain in the northeast of hubei province south main heaven village.In dense forests, cloud, unique superior ecological environment and climatic conditions make the quality good YingShan mist tea, was named “Chinese tea of the township”, “China green tea (tea) of the township”, “national demonstration base of non-polluted tea production.”Cloud mountain tea”.”Cloud YingShan tea” was named “top ten famous tea in hubei”.Cloud tea infusions methods were different, the tea, it’s best to pour 1/2 cup of boiling water, temperature between 80 ℃ to 90 ℃, without lid, tea and third stretch, such as cutting, emerald green leaves grow.Plus two times again, like water, in the fluid of the clear yellow green tea, have to ponder the camellia, the green grass.Taste, taste mellow, fragrance great god, refreshing.Water, every time don’t stay dry again water, rather than when the water in the cup a quarter of the water left is water, in this way, although many times brew, still flavour.”Cloud YingShan tea” refreshing treatment vexed, antipyretic thirst, xiaoshi except the greasy, antiseptic antiphlogistic, methods solid tooth, lose weight body building, and stomach diuretic, clear the call, the smoke from ingesting, decompression in addition to fat, reduce canceration, increase the hemal wall elasticity, prevent the effect of such as atomic radiation damage.

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